Mrs. Wretched NoHead (1919-6 August, 2013) is the mother of the infamous Mr. Stupid NoHead and the wife of Mr. Crooked NoHead.


Early life Edit

Mrs. Wretched NoHead was born in 1919.


In 1942, Mrs. Wretched NoHead married Mr. Crooked NoHead. Mykew Hadeline, who had been bailed out at an early age, was located and adopted by Mr. Crooked NoHead. Mrs. Wretched NoHead assisted in raising Hadeline, who she loved very much. When Hadeline was nineteen years old, Mr. Crooked NoHead gave Hadeline the choice to leave her parents, and her brother, to become her own villain. Hadeline chose to leave, and she began her own criminal regime.

In January 1979, Mrs. Wretched NoHead became pregnant, something she temporarily withheld from her husband. Unlike Hadeline, Mr. Crooked NoHead hated this infant, and named him Mr. Stupid NoHead, out of sheer spite. Overwhelmed, Mrs. Wretched NoHead agreed with this decision. She sent NoHead to the nurseries, where he remained for the first three years of his life until Mrs. Wretched NoHead and Mr. Crooked NoHead came back for him in 1983. Crooked then told Wretched to leave back to the base, which she did.


On 6 August, 2013, Mrs. Wretched NoHead died during the NoHead Cataclysm. Her demise would be reported by Paige two days later.

She was later discovered by Master Intelligence in 2039, who noted her to be very manipulative.

Physical descriptionEdit

Mrs. Wretched NoHead was very tall and slender. She had red hair, pale skin, and a black dress with a hood that she did not always keep up.

Personality and traitsEdit

Like most NoHeads, Mrs. Wretched NoHead was very greedy and selfish. She also had a bad temper that even roused the attention of Mr. Crooked NoHead. She also had a severe tendency to act bossy. Master Intelligence noted her to be very manipulative.