Mr. Wretched NoHead II (b. pre-1900) is a Dark mutant and NoHead. He is the son of Mr. Wretched NoHead I and the father of Mr. Crooked NoHead.


Early lifeEdit

Mr. Wretched NoHead II was born sometime before 1900. It is unknown if his father trained him.

At one point, he fell in love with Mrs. Eerie NoHead and married her. In 1914, they gave birth to Mr. Crooked NoHead in a nursing chamber in the first NoHead Base. After Mr. Wretched NoHead II selected his son as an apprentice, Mr. Crooked NoHead became a NoHead apprentice. Together, he and his son devoted themselves to the Grand Plan. One of the schemes they devised was the development of a targeted virus that would completely sever the police’s access to weaponry; yet despite spending years developing the virus, the project was ultimately a failure.

Death and post-mortem Edit

Mr. Wretched NoHead II died when Mr. Crooked NoHead realized that the former was beginning to upset his plans and murdered him.

Mr. Wretched NoHead’s ghost used transfer essence to enter his son's body and foresaw his death at Paige’s hands. With that, the vengeful ghost used his powers to permanently cripple Mr. Crooked NoHead of his ability to see into the future. However, that power seemed to reappear a day after Mr. Wretched NoHead’s murder, as he had received a vision of the Battle of Palmyra.