Mr. Ghastly NoHead (also known as Noah Peterson) (1930-1990) is the son of Lieutenant Carrie Reid and Sergeant Keith Peterson, and the younger brother of Sheriff Missile. After the death of his close friend Joy, Noah was targeted by Mr. Demonic NoHead, leader of the Order of the NoHeads, who eventually seduced him and rechristened him as Mr. Ghastly NoHead.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Mr. Ghastly NoHead was born as Noah Peterson in Sharon, Connecticut. His parents were Lieutenant Carrie Reid and Sergeant Keith Peterson of the police. The two had just left police service to reunite with Eli, Noah’s elder brother. Tragedy struck his family when his mother unexpectedly died; at the time, Peterson was only five years old. Lewis Carol, Reid’s fellow police pilot and friend, helped raise Peterson and his brother, and was thus like family to him.

Becoming a NoHead Edit

At one point, Noah was about on a walk with his friend, Joy. However, they were attacked by thugs. In the mix, Joy was killed, making Noah furious. Peterson unwittingly used the Darkness to break the necks of both men in retaliation for the murder of his friend. He then returned to the body of Joy, crying uncontrollably.

Peterson’s raw display of anger attracted the attention of Mr. Demonic NoHead, a Dark Lord who had recently abandoned the Legions of Metta and had been wandering the wilderness since. Peterson’s use of his powers in an act of vengeance, as well as the fearlessness he displayed in his presence, impressed him. When asked who he was, Peterson initially gave his childhood nickname of “Feint”, but quickly abandoned it for his birth name of Noah, since those who had known him as Feint were all dead as far as he was aware. The large man introduced himself as Mr. Demonic NoHead, the Dark Lord who would put Fobbles and mutants where they belonged. Initially, Noah did not realize who he was, but Demonic recognized in him the potential to become his apprentice. When he told the boy that he had murdered many people — women and children included — Noah confessed that he, like Mr. Demonic NoHead, was a killer as well. He also admitted upon further inquiry that he had received no formal training in the ways of the Darkness, nor did he possess an understanding of it; however, he told Demonic that he was still young, and that he was willing to learn to harness its power from him.

Battle of Montana Edit

The final battle in Montana saw the decimation of police forces with the unleashing of Lord Sherem’s Karase, and Mr. Ghastly NoHead and his new Master were among the few survivors. He listened as Demonic explained the Karase’s significance. Suddenly, rubble began raining down on them, forcing them to relinquish. Ghastly countered by throwing his sword at the roof, causing the propietor of the explosion to lose his footing and fall to his death. The two prepared for their departure from Montana, though Ghastly was surprised at the reluctance of Demonic to leave the Karase under the rubble.

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