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Mr. Dire NoHead was a male Dark mutant and Gate Keeper of the Second and Third NoHead Base in New York during the First NoHead War. He had risen to the position by the 1960s, where he secretly helped a girl named Suzie escape. In 2013, Mr. Crooked NoHead realized the police were coming to raid the NoHead Base and tasked Mr. Dire NoHead with the defense of the Base. Some time later, Mr. Dire NoHead found Paige at the Base Gates, impulsively revealing Mr. Crooked NoHead's position before noticing hundreds of police officers approaching the Base behind Paige. Sheriff Bladepoint shot the Gate Master, making him the first victim of the ensuing massacre in the NoHead Base.


Early LifeEdit

In the 1950s, Mr. Dire NoHead became one of the first NoHeads, swearing allegiance to Mr. Demonic NoHead.

Becoming the Gate MasterEdit

When Mr. Demonic NoHead went to find someone who posed a great threat to him, he left Mr. Dire Nohead in charge of guarding the gates for the first time. Demonic time-warped into the future and pressured Suzie into joining him and the group of NoHeads that were with him. During the mission, they acquired the powerful metal tube and Suzie also acquired the teleportation device. Mr. Demonic NoHead then left an already uncomfortable Suzie behind as he headed home, cruelly abandoning her. Mr. Dire NoHead was still guarding the gates when Suzie teleported there for help. Dire spoke with Suzie, who he found to be very charming. He finally helped her back to her day, 2023. Shortly afterwards, Mr. Demonic NoHead returned and commended Mr. Dire NoHead for a job well done. He then appointed him as the Guardian of the Gates.

First NoHead War Edit

Mr. Dire NoHead fought in the Battle of Superhero School. During the fighting, A teenager named Bethany Donner attempted to reason withhim, pleading that she was on his side. However, she was spotted by Sheriff Bladepoint, Roxanne, and Joseph. Bladepoint stunned Mr. Dire NoHead, who apparently recovered and complied with Mrs. Twisted NoHead's order to leave the school.


Paige: "Where is Mr. Crooked NoHead?"
Mr. Dire NoHead: "In the meditation chambers — we felt the police attacking. Now, child, who is leading the assault?"
— Paige to Mr. Dire NoHead[src]

Mr. Dire NoHead had become a Gate Master by 2013, a position held by members of the NoHead Base Security Force. In this position, he monitored the entrance to the Base in New York City, the capital of New York. The First NoHead War was at its height when NoHead Grandmaster Mr. Crooked NoHead realized the police were preparing to invade the Base. Crooked tasked Dire and himself with the defense of the Base.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Dire NoHead spotted Paige on a monitor and rushed to the Base Gate. Seeing him arrive, Paige immediately asked where Mr. Crooked NoHead was. After the Gate Master told him that Crooked was meditating in his quarters in preparation for the battle, he noticed hundreds of police officers behind Paige and demanded to know who was in charge of the attack. Sheriff Bladepoint stepped forwards and shot the Gate Master. Paige took Mr. Dire NoHead's sword and proceeded to kill the police.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Mr. Dire NoHead was bald, with tan skin. He had a tattoo on the left side of his head.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Tonight, Gate Master Mr. Dire NoHead and I will direct the Base's defense."
―Mr. Crooked NoHead[src]

Mr. Dire NoHead was trusted to watch over the defense of the Third NoHead Base as the Gate Master. However, even though he was attuned to the dark side, Dire couldn't sense the reason for Paige's visit, and was slain without a chance to defend himself.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Mr. Dire NoHead first appeared as a minor character in the 2015 The S.M.S.B. novelization, before being seen in person in Before The S.M.S.B. - Part 2.

Appearances Edit

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