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"Soon the Arts will be mine. Their power will fall in our hands, and I shall rule the world! Yes... how I have longed to be a King."
―Mr. Demonic NoHead[src]

Mr. Demonic NoHead (1819-1990) is the founder of the NoHeads, and the first NoHead Grandmaster. He had done this after spending decades serving the Legions of Metta. In 1979, he began to worry that his apprentice was too weak to overthrow him and assume the mantle of NoHead Grandmaster, and began to research the secrets to prolonging his life by transferring his essence to another body, and claimed the datapad he required. However, he was ambushed by a team of assassins hired by Sarah Hill, and was captured. Taken to Yeracade Prison, Demonic was imprisoned and interrogated, only to covertly gain his freedom soon afterward. Encountering Mr. Ghastly NoHead in Newark, Delaware, Demonic and Ghastly, who sought to replace his Master, engaged in a fateful duel that resulted in the sacking of the NoHead Grandmaster and Mr. Ghastly NoHead claiming the title of Dark Lord.

Although Mr. Demonic NoHead survived and returned to service, he was no longer the Master. After the NoHeads recovered three of the Arts, Demonic was part of the mission to recover the last one, the Orb of Power. To eliminate the government, which, under the command of Owen Black, emerged to combat the NoHeads, Mr. Ghastly NoHead allowed his rival to use the superweapon against the government’s capital city, Maryland. From there, Demonic soon turned the weapon towards the police station in New York City. Before he could destroy them, however, an attack squadron led by Commander Saul Cameron — with ground support from Sheriff Missile, Joseph, Jean, and Bladepoint — attacked the NoHead Base. He perished when the NoHead Base was destroyed in said battle.


Early lifeEdit

Darren, the boy who would become Mr. Demonic NoHead, was born in 1819. He grew up with a father named Harry who hated him, and as such he learned anger and hatred at a young age. Demonic, in turn, despised Harry, who frequently insulted and beat him. In 1837, Demonic challenged him, only to have Harry nearly kill him in response. Two days later, an irate Demonic killed his father through unconscious use of his powers. He took to the dark side with ease, at first, although the man lost his faith after realizing that he was responsible for his father’s death.

Legions of MettaEdit

Afraid of the Darkness, Mr. Demonic NoHead pulled away, only to regain his confidence with the assistance of the mutants who aspired to bring mutantry back, known as the Legions of Metta. He worked with these Knights and was rechristened as Lord Kreckal, serving for several decades and learning much from them. He also learned how to conquer his fears, to which it seemed he feared nothing. Indeed, his only fear became a loss of power. He was mounted onto a stallion in 1842 and pitted against three Beast Riders. Even in his youth, Kreckal displayed mounted sword combat by successfully using his sword to deflec bullets from every single one of his opponents in the sky. In 1846, when he was no longer underage, he traveled with his comrades to a mine in California, where he speedily developed his skills in unarmed combat.

In the end, he relented to his determination and “retired” in 1933, when he was one hundred fourteen years old. Now on his own, he began to search for a group of mutants he had heard were in hiding.

Creating the NoHeadsEdit

In 1950, Mr. Demonic NoHead had long come to realize that an anomalous age of mutants and Supers was imminent. In New York City, he met with other warriors, as well as scholars, scientists, and other religious figures to discuss the affair, one of whom was Lord Smasa. In these discussions, Demonic advocated the use of the dark side, and several others agreed with him. The few that rejected this idea were outnumbered and defeated by the followers of the dark side. Following the conflict, Mr. Demonic NoHead helped the victors to establish the Order of the NoHeads, much better known simply as the NoHeads. Mr. Demonic NoHead was made their leader for his superior power and experience, the latter of which he gained while serving the Knights of Metta. Together, they located and trained many students.

The dark side would not have a strong hold at first. Despite this, Mr. Demonic NoHead and his followers remained determined to help the students reach the peak of their power. They discovered that primary NoHead powers could twist life to serve their purposes and create new life. In 1955, the Darkness finally awakened within the movement Mr. Demonic NoHead led. Using soldiers and beasts, the NoHeads took over many states of America. It was during this siege that they recruited aliens from nearby star systems. At one point, Mr. Demonic NoHead traveled to Planet 12, but the chief administrator at the time, Lily Clark, refused to associate herself with the NoHeads. Despite this, he did not kill her before leaving the planet.

These practices were looked upon with apprehension by the police, as members of the first NoHeads were still present. Feeling their power was threatened, the NoHeads sought supporters within the police, but were turned away. Arguments for their cause turned to conflicts, and the police who had turned them down were framed and fired. Taking their teachings with them, and having a change of heart, they became known as NoHead minions. With Mr. Demonic NoHead leading the charge shamelessly, they launched a war against the police.

Mr. Demonic NoHead bore a vitriolic hatred for follower Alfred Penn, who considered himself a master of the Darkness but in fact was a Fobble. The Dark Lord desired to reveal his true identity and power to Penn, whom he felt knew nothing of the Darkness’ true power, but knew that to do so would be foolish at this point.

Cold WarEdit

Mr. Demonic NoHead intended to rule the world forever to make his ultimate dream a reality.

Mr. Demonic NoHead, who was still the NoHead Grandmaster, began remaking the NoHead Empire into a new Imperial regime lead by the NoHeads. In 1965, he succeeded in his objective. He also had any deceased NoHeads entombed in Death Valley, and two of three Masters were buried in the Hollow of the Dark Lords. Their tombs were filled with the treasures they had plundered during their life, as well as strong dark side energies.

The Verasect Edit

In 1955, Mr. Demonic NoHead went to find someone named Yareal Taran who posed a great threat to him. When he did this, he left Mr. Dire NoHead I in charge of guarding the gates. For careful measure, he time-warped into the future and pressured a woman named Suzie into joining him and the group of NoHeads that were with him (though it is unknown how he knew she was to exist, given that she was not actually born yet). Suzie finally agreed to tag along, albeit nervously. They were on their way to the house when they encountered a trench that neutralized powers. Mr. Demonic NoHead immediately used an Extendable Bridge he carried with him for this very situation. The bridge latched to both sides. Suzie quietly congratulated him, though he ignored her, and the hunting party was able to cross. As they began to cross it, however, they found a magician blocking them. While pretending to congratulate Demonic for his triumph, the wizard schemed against him. He offered Mr. Demonic NoHead a gift for outsmarting him. Demonic, ever desiring more power, asked for a small contraption that would give him more power than anyone. Defeated, the magician handed over his metal tube. He then asked Suzie what she wanted. Suzie, who suspected the scheme, said she wished for something that could get her place-to-place on a whim. The magician then remembered what Merlin had told him to give when the mutants surfaced, and gave the group all three of the Arts, warning them to use them with care. Demonic seized the chance to kill the latter with the metal tube, and he proceeded to finish his trip.

Mr. Demonic NoHead immediately used the Verasect to kill Taran. Demonic then left a panicking Suzie in the house to die as he headed home, abandoning her now that the mission was over and he had no use for her. Shortly afterwards, Mr. Demonic NoHead returned and commended Mr. Dire NoHead for a job well done. He was unaware that Dire had helped Suzie return to her time. He then appointed him as the Guardian of the Gates.

Encounter with Sarah Hill Edit

After the encounter, the Verasect did not answer to Mr. Demonic NoHead, which appalled him. His instincts told him he should visit the father of Sarah Hill. Mr. Demonic NoHead broke inside and insisted the man help him achieve mastery of the Verasect, threatening to kill Sarah if her father did not help him. However, he ultimately killed him in a rage without learning anything. Despite this, he realized the Verasect had probably belonged to him as he was suddenly able to use it effectively. Leaving Sarah alive, Demonic left triumphantly.

First NoHead WarEdit

By 1970, Mr. Demonic NoHead had formed the NoHead organization and proclaimed himself the new Dark Lord. With this army and the metal tube, he planned a revolution against the government. With that, Demonic started the First NoHead War by taking advantage of one of the world’s greatest weaknesses: the beings and creatures that they had outcast. The Dark Lord recruited the giants, who had long ago been driven into the mountains, and vultures, who were persecuted by most. Many feared the goblins would also join him, as they were restricted from helping the government, but it never happened. In fact, Mr. Demonic NoHead murdered a religious family of twelve at some point during the War, for an unknown reason (possibly no reason at all).

Aurora Black, who was the head of the Department of Law Enforcement at the time and was known for her fanatical hatred of the dark side, issued an edict that gave police authorization to kill innocent bystanders if they stood in their way, and suspects were sometimes handed over to the prisons without a trial. Many innocent people were locked away.

At this time, the Police Grand Army was created by Bladepoint, monitored by Sheriff Missile, to fight against Mr. Demonic NoHead. The war itself lasted for thirty long years.

Escape from YeracadeEdit

Eventually, the NoHeads were defeated at the Battle of Palmyra as a result of infighting and enemy bombing. As punishment for their actions, Mr. Demonic NoHead and the survivors were gathered by police forces and loaded aboard unarmed transport ships. Now robbed of their weapons, the exiles were to be sent into prison to contemplate the error of their ways. The NoHeads were all locked up there.

However, a day after their arrest Mr. Horrid NoHead telekinetically summoned the keys and freed himself. He then proceeded to free the others. Mr. Demonic NoHead quickly obtained his sword and ensured the others were armed as well. The jail guards caught them, but Mr. Demonic NoHead fired a blast into the ground that only Fobbles could be affected by, effectively slaughtering the entire jail force. As soon as Demonic gave the word, they escaped back to the NoHead base.

At some point afterwards, he murdered a woman named Williamson, possibly for no reason at all.

Return to YeracadeEdit

In 1979, Mr. Demonic NoHead reformed the Order to best suit the war.

However, in 1981, Demonic began to grow concerned that his right-hand man, Mr. Ghastly NoHead, was waiting until his already dying body weakened even further before he attacked him to take over the mantle of Dark Lord. As such, he embarked on a mission to acquire a datapad, which was rumored to hold the secret to eternal life, so that he could live long enough to train a more suitable apprentice. He successfully obtained the datapad and acquired from it the knowledge of essence transfer.

Despite Mr. Demonic NoHead’s concerns, Mr. Ghastly NoHead had finally begun to contemplate his move to overthrow his Master. Meanwhile, Sarah Hill remembered the murder of her father, and hired an assassin called the Huntress, to capture Demonic and bring him to her. The Huntress, along with about twenty mercenaries, ambushed Demonic in his mansion. They captured him and took him to Yeracade Prison, where Sarah interrogated him.

After the interrogation, Mr. Demonic NoHead was confined in Yeracade. Eventually, Demonic summoned RC-1, who was unaffected by the neutralization of superpowers, and simply shot open the door. Demonic began hunting down Sarah in the prison, but he was found and confronted by Mr. Ghastly NoHead, who had intended to release and kill him. He attacked Demonic, who was unarmed, as the Huntress had taken his sword. Using his powers, Mr. Demonic NoHead held Mr. Ghastly NoHead off long enough to hit one of the bombs in the wall set by Sarah, causing the passage to collapse between them and end the duel.

Realizing that Mr. Demonic NoHead’s sword had been taken from him, Mr. Ghastly NoHead then attacked. Demonic was able to hold him off with his powers, though he was aware that he could not defeat Ghastly without a sword, and was merely delaying the end. Suddenly, alarm bells rang out — Sarah had activated the prison’s self-destruct sequence. As the prison began to collapse, Demonic telekinetically brought down the ceiling. Though Ghastly was able to avoid being crushed, a wall of rock now stood between the two. Ghastly fled to his ship, while Demonic ran toward the main hangar, where he found Martin. As he prepared to attack him, he bowed to him, holding out his sword. From there, Demonic escaped the prison with the Huntress, who returned his sword to him, which he quickly used to impale her. Aboard their shuttle, Demonic and Ghastly tracked Sarah to Edgewater, where Demonic allowed Ghastly to kill the girl.

Duel with Mr. Ghastly NoHeadEdit

Once Mr. Ghastly NoHead landed, Mr. Demonic NoHead ordered Martin to stay back, while the two NoHeads drew their swords and engaged in combat. Knowing that the loser would die, both fought furiously, with Demonic slowly pushing Ghastly back. His former apprentice then unleashed his sorcery, only to have Demonic successfully repel his attack on his mind. As Demonic charged forward, ready to attack, Ghastly played his trump card, creating deadly dark side tendrils. One of these tendrils brushed against Mr. Demonic NoHead, causing him to feel pain unlike anything he had ever known. Managing to stay conscious, he was able to attack Mr. Ghastly NoHead and swiftly disarm him. As the Dark Lord prepared to kill his apprentice, a tendril lunged up, grabbing his arm and vaporizing it. In a flash of pain and fury, Demonic released his essence, determined now to destroy Ghastly’s consciousness and take control of his body.

The two NoHeads matched wills, each trying to push the other into the great void from which there was no return. Mr. Demonic NoHead fell in, and although he survived, he was gravely injured. After a struggle of wills, it was over. Mr. Ghastly NoHead had become the new NoHead Grandmaster.

Escape from Delaware Edit

Mr. Demonic NoHead did not stay in his prison for long, however. Thanks to his iron will and armor, he survived, and after several agonizing days inside the void, he was able to telepathically summon Doctor Conda, a so-called medimutant who came to the void.

Spotting him, Mr. Demonic NoHead formally asked him to free him. Conda, in turn, asked the former Dark Lord to confess in having caused the demise of a woman named Williamson. He refused, so Conda threw several necroserpents into the void, which disintegrated upon entering. Demonic finally relented, so Conda released him by use of a spell. Indignant over being forced to relent to blackmail, Mr. Demonic NoHead considered betraying Doctor Conda, but he decided against it as he realized his wounds were far beyond his healing. Sensing this, Conda knocked him unconscious with a wooden beam and took him abroad and helped heal him from his wounds.

Mr. Demonic NoHead thanked Conda, who demanded for payment before he rejoined the NoHeads. Once again, Demonic considered taking his life, but relented as Conda had just saved his life. He sent a war robot to fetch a money bag from the First NoHead Base, and when he returned, Demonic promptly destroyed him and gave Doctor Conda its remains for "scientific study".

After leaving Doctor Conda with his money, Mr. Demonic NoHead went into hiding. When he finally revealed himself, he continued as a NoHead, loyally serving the Order he once commanded.

Acquisition Edit

Because he was the oldest living descendant of Mr. Horrid NoHead, Mr. Demonic NoHead acquired his descendant’s vast wealth after he died in 1987. Upon this, however, he used it only to further the NoHead cause, as he considered care for riches a weakness.

Discovery of MelissaEdit

Eventually, he would meet Melissa, during which time the latter showed absolutely no fear, instead revealing that she was a murderer like him. Demonic offered her the chance to join the NoHeads in their quest for world power, and Melissa readily accepted. Mr. Demonic NoHead rechristened her as Mrs. Twisted NoHead, respectively. She passed several tests as a child to convince Mr. Demonic NoHead of her dedication, though it resulted in him training her himself. Although she wanted to learn the spells of Saron Facilor, as well as a more aggressive style of sword combat, Mr. Demonic NoHead explained the reason for elevating her to Form VI mastery.

The Orb of PowerEdit

After the Mystic fled New York City, Mr. Demonic NoHead and Mr. Stupid NoHead returned to the NoHead Base, where they spoke to a hologram of Mr. Ghastly NoHead. Ghastly was not happy that they let the man slip through their fingers and stated that the NoHeads would be destroyed if the police got the Orb. Demonic humbly took full responsibility for his failure, but the Grandmaster interrupted him, declaring that their strategy had to change. Demonic suggested testing the superweapon and destroy four nearby cities to prove their power, one of which hosted the Government Defense Army. After receiving authorization for the undertaking, Demonic gave the signal, and the base’s weapon fired and destroyed the cities, wiping away the majority of the government’s defense.

Subsequently, the NoHeads received a tip from an informant in Edgewater that the Mystic was there, so Mr. Stupid NoHead led an attack squadron. However, NoHead instead captured the Mystic’s accomplice, the police cadet Bladepoint, because he had seen the map, and ordered the division to retreat as the police engaged them. Mr. Demonic NoHead revealed this to Mr. Ghastly NoHead, before heading down to patrol the Base.


However, while its weapon was charging up, the police led a skyfighter assault against the NoHead Base, which resulted in the base’s destruction before it could fire on the police station. Mr. Demonic NoHead was then ordered by Mr. Crooked NoHead to evacuate the base and to take Mr. Stupid NoHead with him. However, before he could do this, the control computer exploded in front of him and the entire crew. The massive explosion consumed the bridge, killing Demonic and all of his cohorts.

This event left Mr. Crooked NoHead in charge.

Physical descriptionEdit

Mr. Demonic NoHead is a skeletal creature with green, rotting flesh and two stubs that would have grown gnarled horns. It is debatable whether Mr. Demonic NoHead was still Human; since Lily Clark’s servant served him wine at some point, it can be assumed he possesses a digestive tract, implying he is a living being or at least that he is still able to enjoy food and drink. It is possible that in his quest for power, he tried several dark mutated approaches, which left his physical appearance deteriorating, in a similar way to Mr. Stupid NoHead.

Personality and traitsEdit

Mr. Demonic NoHead was extremely dedicated to the NoHead cause, and was determined to bring about the end of the police, though he knew he might not live to see it. He was a firm believer in the rule of the strong, viewing the weak as chains holding back the strong. According to the natural order of things, Demonic believed, the weak should serve the strong, rather than being treated as equals. Whereas the police and the government both believed that it was the duty of the strong to help the weak, Demonic believed that the strong were intended to rule the weak masses. Equality, Mr. Demonic NoHead believed, was a lie perpetuated by the police. Demonic had every intention of strengthening the Order over time, with each apprentice challenging their master for the title of Dark Lord. Mr. Demonic NoHead imparted his beliefs, particularly his theory of rule of the strong, to Mr. Ghastly NoHead. After he dueled Benjamin van Drake and received no assistance from his apprentice, Demonic confronted him, asking why he had not helped him. He replied that he knew that Demonic would be able to kill the man and his assassins, and if he was unable to do so, then he was weak and unworthy of his title of Dark Lord. Demonic was pleased with this explanation, stating that he was correct — only the strongest could survive.

Mr. Demonic NoHead was convinced that the NoHeads’ greatest strength— their ambition — was also their greatest weakness, and would be checked by the upcoming of the NoHead Empire. With a multitude of NoHeads, he felt that it was practically inevitable that they would constantly be fighting amongst themselves, leaving them unable to focus on their true foe, the police. Additionally, he believed that the power of the dark side was finite, and that the existence of many NoHeads spread the power of the dark side thin.

Mr. Demonic NoHead’s philosophy caused him to view Mr. Ghastly NoHead and the other NoHeads of his time as fools, and he believed that as long as they existed, the NoHeads would be unable to triumph over the police, and by extension, the government. He even went so far as to label Ghastly a coward unworthy of the title NoHead Grandmaster.

Later in his life, the Dark Lord sought the secrets to achieving immortality. He did this not because he feared death, but simply because he believed that Mr. Ghastly NoHead was too weak to claim his title. Mr. Demonic NoHead suspected that his apprentice was waiting until he was old and weak to challenge him, at which point he could easily defeat him. Ultimately, Ghastly proved himself a worthy successor when he killed Demonic.

Mr. Demonic NoHead learned hatred and anger at an early age, as he grew up with a father who hated him. Demonic, in turn, despised Harry, who frequently insulted and beat him. After Demonic challenged him, only to have Harry nearly kill him in response, an irate Demonic later killed his father through unconscious use of his powers. He took to the Darkness with ease, at first, although the man lost his faith after realizing that he was responsible for his father’s death. Afraid of the Darkness, he pulled away, only to regain his confidence with the assistance of the mutants who aspired to bring mutantry back. From there, Demonic grew strong, quickly surpassing even Lord Smasa. With the Darkness as his ally, he was appointed as the NoHead Grandmaster, and he based the Order on secrecy and rule of the strong. Demonic possessed an extremely strong will. On multiple occasions when severely wounded, he refused to surrender, using the power of the Darkness to fuel himself and keep fighting.

Mr. Demonic NoHead bore a vitriolic hatred for beings like Alfred Penn, who considered themselves masters of the Darkness but in fact were Fobbles. The Dark Lord desired to reveal his true identity and power to Penn, whom he felt knew nothing of the Darkness’ true power, but knew that to do so would be foolish. A practical man, Mr. Demonic NoHead found no value in wealth or other material possessions, believing that the worth of an object was directly correlated to its usefulness. He even believed that NoHeads like Mr. Horrid NoHead were foolish to care so much for such things. Upon his acquisition of Horrid’s vast wealth, he used it only to further the NoHead cause. He also did not believe in the concept of honorable death, viewing honor as a fool’s prize. Though he was absolutely ruthless and never hesitated to kill when he believed it necessary, Demonic was very disdainful of those who killed without purpose, viewing those who enjoyed killing as barbarous, perverse fools. In accordance with this philosophy, Mr. Demonic NoHead allowed Sarah Hill to live after their initial meeting — in fact, Hill would attempt to kill him years later. Still, Mr. Demonic NoHead was willing to kill without a second thought, and did so on many occasions.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Mr. Demonic NoHead was trained in sword combat by the Legions of Metta. He became a deadly fencer, and wielded a sword presented by the Dark Lord of Metta in recognition of his skill. Demonic developed a slightly altered style with his unique weapon, the subtleties of which were recognized by only the most experienced weapon handlers.

Throughout the first half of his life, he favored a furious, all-offensive style of Djem So, and capitalized on his tremendous physical strength to overwhelm opponents. His lack of refinement was intentional, as Mr. Demonic NoHead believed that eschewing technical sophistication for fury-driven, strength-oriented swordplay increased his effectiveness as a duelist. During combat, he was likened by his enemies to a force of nature.

Under the NoHeads, Mr. Demonic NoHead adapted a more complex and unpredictable style that incorporated feints and defensive maneuvers. He was also skilled in Nissa, and taught his apprentice Mr. Ghastly NoHead Form VI. In his later years, Mr, Demonic NoHead’s speed was such that he was able to deflect torrents of rain with his sword. Demonic was even proficient in Brosartt, which he may have used in his duel with Mr. Ghastly NoHead, and was an excellent brawler and unarmed combatant, thanks to his time in the mines of California. At one time, he had displayed mounted sword combat while controlling a stallion and fighting three Beast Riders; he managed to deflect bullets from every single one of his opponents in the sky.


Extendable BridgeEdit

Mr. Demonic NoHead always carried this Extendable Bridge on his utility belt. It could latch onto either side of a trench and it was capable of holding several people.



"You better go now, champ."
At some point in his life, Mr. Demonic NoHead befriended Doctor Conda, though they presumably fell apart following the alleged murder of Williamson. In 1981, he saved him from being killed by Mr. Ghastly NoHead, when Demonic trusted him enough to summon him to ask humbly for help. After rescuing him, he demanded for compensation for Williamson's death. The two seemed to part on neutral terms.

Behind the scenesEdit

Statistics Edit

Mr. Demonic NoHead's allegiance to the Legions of Metta is first revealed in The Life and Legends: Lily Clark, although most of what we know about him comes from Before The SMSB: Why Has The Storm Ceased?.

In a 2018 interview, Thomas stated that it was not a coincidence that he left his post on 20 January, hinting at a connection with Donald Trump. As referenced by Thomas, the date of Mr. Demonic NoHead's duel with Mr. Ghastly NoHead coincides with the end of the Presidential term of Barack Obama in which he was replaced by Trump. It is common knowledge that Thomas views Trump as "evil".

Speculation Edit

It is unknown as to why Mr. Demonic NoHead is considered less evil than Mr. Stupid NoHead. It is also unclear who is the more powerful mutant though both are implied to be less powerful than Baby Intelligence.

A possibility is that Mr. Stupid NoHead's measures against fobbles were more virulent than Mr. Demonic NoHead's perhaps causing more cumulative damage than Demonic implying he was more successful in brainwashing the populace against Fobbles and/or had more powerful followers. Mr. Demonic NoHead could have been more squeamish about venturing into extremely Darkness whereas Mr. Stupid NoHead was more indiscriminately open-minded and professed to have experimented and pushed the boundaries of mutantry further than they have ever been pushed, so much that it began altering his appearance as early as his twenties and eventually to an unrecognizable degree.


Notes and references Edit

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