Mr. Blooded NoHead (d. 1979) is a Dark mutant and a NoHead, though he ultimately defected from their cause and died with it.



Mr. Blooded NoHead served the NoHeads loyally at first, and was unfailingly loyal to Mr. Ghastly NoHead, the NoHead Grandmaster. He was also friends with Mr. Crooked NoHead. In February of 1979, Mrs. Wretched NoHead revealed to him that she was pregnant, as she needed him to hide away her papers on the matter. Before he left, she swore him to secrecy. Returning to his bedroom, Blooded immediately stored them into a datapad that he possessed.

Three months later, he withdrew from the NoHeads and their cause, and immediately resolved to attack Mr. Crooked NoHead, though his reasons are unclear. Traveling to Harrisburg in June 1979, Blooded ambushed Crooked. Blooded engaged the latter in a sword duel, though he was ultimately bested. Crooked immediately vanquished Blooded, who did not even beg for mercy.


Immediately after Mr. Blooded NoHead died, Mr. Crooked NoHead found he was carrying several resources with him. Of them included a list of mutants, as well as the base’s hidden rooms, amid others. Most important to him, he learned that Mrs. Wretched NoHead had become pregnant six months prior and had never told him so. This made him very angry.


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