"I can't see ever using such a Mark."
―Peter Hecks regarding the mou kei Mark of Contact[src]

The mou kei was a devastating finishing move in sword combat involving the severing of several limbs at once. It became a rare move to use.



Mou kei literally meant "to dismember." This was accomplished through the use of a series of circular motions with the sword aimed at the major limbs. The attack was a NoHead favorite, as it completely destroyed the opponent, both figuratively and literally. Using this move with the goal of dismembering an opponent could have been viewed as little more than all-out butchery. Athough Baby Intelligence had no other choice against Sebiscuits, its usage by police was forbidden given the many alternative Marks of Contact.


A mou kei strike was used by Baby Intelligence against Sebiscuits during their showdown in the City Volcano, removing his left arm and both his legs and ending their duel.


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