The Mission to Palmyra was committed by Telekinibabe in 2037, when Telekinibabe ventured to his parents' hometown of Palmyra in order to learn more about his heritage. When Teleknibabe learned from his maternal uncle Jerry Allen that the former's father was a Muggle, the younger Telekinibabe proceeded to the Grant House and tortured his father severely. Although he left, not willing himself to kill his own father, Tyler Grant Senior was scared and committed suicide. The next morning, the rest of the townspeople were genuinely stunned by the suicide, despite their general disgust with the Grant family.


Around 2017, Meghan Allen, the mother of the younger Tyler Grant, began to have romantic feelings for a man named Tyler Grant Senior, a Muggle who lived across town. When Meghan's father and brother discovered this, Jerry physically assaulted Tyler to make him less appealing to his (Morfin's) sister. Pete reacted by proceeding to strangle his daughter for her lack of allegiance to the Grant family beliefs about Muggles.

For these and other crimes, the Grant men were arrested by the government and were sentenced to Lincoln Correctional Facility. Afterwards, Meghan seduced Tyler via possession and married him. When Meghan became pregnant with their son, she ceased her mental control of the elder Tyler out of a vain belief that Tyler would genuinely love her. Upon regaining his free will, the elder Tyler abandoned his pregnant wife and returned to his family home. Meghan, however, managed to find an orphanage, where she gave birth to their son. Shortly thereafter, Meghan died, due to the heartbreak of her husband's abandonment.

The younger Tyler then spent a week as an orphan before being adopted by Albert Herrington. Approximately five months later, Tyler joined the S.M.S.B. when the group came knocking and became Telekinibabe. Immediately after this, Telekinibabe became convinced that his father was a mutant and that his mother was a Muggle out of the belief that the latter could not have died if she was a mutant. Upon entering the MBH, Telekinibabe became concerned about learning about his heritage. However, Baby Intelligence told him what had happened, albeit bearing a false account. After learning that his Master had lied to him, Telekinibabe began painstaking research on his father's name before eventually accepting that he had never set foot in Superhero School. After researching through old book of mutant families, Telekinibabe learned of the surviving Grant line and in the summer of his eighteenth year, set out for Palmyra to find his relatives.

The Mission Edit

"The time for revenge has come at last."

In the summer of 2037, Tyler Grant visited the city of Palmyra after tracing the source of his heritage. He first stopped at the Allen shack, only to find his maternal uncle Jerry Allen, who had long been released from Lincoln Correctional Facility. Jerry, upon seeing his nephew, threatened him with a knife, believing the boy to be his father. Even though Telekinibabe did not disclose his identity during this meeting, he showed him the hilt of his sword to calm Jerry down. The two then discussed the whereabouts of Pete Allen (who had died years before), the elder Tyler, and Meghan Allen. When Jerry revealed to Telekinibabe that his (Telekinibabe's) father was a Muggle, Telekinibabe knocked his uncle unconscious.

Telekinibabe then proceeded to the Grant House and found his father in the drawing room, longing for revenge on whom he saw as the man who abandoned him before his birth. It is unknown if there were any words exchanged with the Grants, but Telekinibabe proceeded to torture his father, planning to stop when Tyler Sr. succumbed to death. However, Telekinibabe stopped torturing him abruptly, ultimately reclining from murdering his own father.

Not wanting to face another attempt on his life, Tyler Sr. climbed to the top of a skyscraper and proceeded to jump off of it, thus committing suicide. His corpse was described as having a look of terror upon it.

Aftermath Edit

Telekinibabe returned to the MBH in disarray, conflicted about what he had done. When he went upstairs, he was chastened by Master Intelligence for his attempted murder. Despite this, he never came to fully regret it due to the miserable existence his father had condemned him to in his abandonment, as well as his own triumph over his Muggle heritage.

The death of Tyler Grant Senior greatly shocked the other denizens of Palmyra, despite the fact that most of the villagers resented the Grants for their arrogance and wealth. Tyler was later interned in cemetery in nearby city Albany. Since it was unknown that Tyler Grant, Sr. had sired a son, the Grant House was purchased by a succession of owners, none of whom ever physically occupied the House.

Around a month after the event, Jim Newman, who was depressed by the death of his Mistress and still believed he had nowhere left to go, drew his own poisonous dagger and stabbed himself. The following month, Jim Newman would be found dead, though securities would be very baffled that he was found right next to Tyler Grant Sr. To circumvent their suspicions, they visited and interrogated Tyler’s family, learning from them that Tyler had no weapons when he went to the scene of his death. Curiously, however, they deliberately withheld the way Tyler died, although the police already knew what had happened. Their reasons for this remain unclear.

Many years later, Master Intelligence would show flashbacks of the mission to Centauri.