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"Investigations continue into the break-in at the t and i Factory on 30 September, widely believed to be the work of Dark mutants unknown."
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The Mission to Arizona on 30 September, 2044 was an attempt by the Dark Woman to steal the the hologram pit of Charity Hirz, which was being kept in a private chamber of the t and i Factory.[1]

Prelude Edit


The Dark Woman Apparated to the outside of the factory from her home, Transylvania Quarters.[1]

The mission Edit

After entering, she proceeded upstairs in a passage leading directly into the procession lines. After walking the halls for some time, she found a bunker and chose to ride it. In a moment, the boxcar began down the tracks. After it stopped, the Dark Woman suddenly fell directly into the first obstacle - animate vines. After squirming for a time, she blasted them away and proceeded to the second, a scorpion that she herself had placed. The Dark Woman ordered her former pet to let her pass, and it did. In return, she gave it a treat before leaving.[2]

The third obstacle she found unable to bypass by any means. It required the use of incredible strength, and the Dark Woman was not exactly muscular. Left with no choice, she Disapparated home, where she immediately consumed a candy bar.[2]

Consequences Edit

The robbery was reported in the Perpetual Seer, and the fact that someone had breached the security of the t and i Factory and was not caught created a great public scandal.[1] This break-in was the first time anyone had successfully broken into the factory. The community did not consider this to be a truly successful break-in.[1]

Aftermath Edit

Master Intelligence first learned of the break-in from Centauri in the Pinewood Derby. It was later reported in more detail in a copy of the Perpetual Seer issue on 6 October, which he read when he and Centauri were visiting Ramona Meyer (not knowing she was responsible). This led them to investigate the attempted theft. When Centauri caught the Dark Woman trying to get it again in the same restricted area, Centauri realized that his seductive cousin was the real culprit.[1]


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