Mira (2002-2020) is a female NoHead Recruit. She discovered her powers at a young age, which is also when she developed a passion for the Darkness. [2] Annabeth Black recruited her in 2014. As a NoHead, she made quick friends with Black and eventually, Kenzie Walters.[3] Mira served in the Second NoHead War, engaging in more secretive attacks to cripple the Police Grand Army, the government, and the S.M.S.B.[2] Mira met her end in 2020.[2]


Early lifeEdit

Little is known about Mira's life prior to the NoHeads, but she claimed to be an only child. She discovered her powers at a young age, and subsequently harbored a penchant for the Darkness. She attended Superhero School in her youth, but she was expelled in her fifth year (possibly owing to her appreciation for the darker side of mutantry). [2]

Serving the NoHeadsEdit

In 2014, Mira ran into Annabeth Black, who was out in her speeder. She expressed the honor she felt, but when Black asked her why, claiming she was "just one person", she had no reply. They shared a civil conversation, and Mira realized that her dream of joining the NoHeads had come true. Annabeth was able to soothe her fears and she asked her for an application. Annabeth responded that she had been hoping for this request, and she personally dubbed her and inscribed the NoHead Sign on her chest. Black then drove her to the NoHead Base.

As a NoHead, she spent most of her time perfecting her fencing skills. She also realized that Black loved reading and additionally, the latter was extremely popular.[3].

In 2018, she made friends with Bartholomew Gales, especially because she knew that no one appreciated him. When Kenzie sought advice from Annabeth about her crush, Mira listened in as Annabeth suggested that she relax in front of Qamar and be true to herself. Annabeth later questioned her on this, but when Mira realized that Black was a mind invader, she finally spoke up and apologized. To Mira's surprise, Annabeth forgave her and told her to do likewise if she ever encountered such a situation.[2]

Second NoHead War and deathEdit

Mira served in the Second NoHead War, engaging in more secretive attacks to cripple the Police Grand Army, the government, and the S.M.S.B.[2] Still, she was not as subtle as Qamar or Walters.[citation needed] After Mayor Katie Black was successfully captured at last, Mira joined her peers in celebration. When Annabeth arrived, Mira patted her on the back. Unfortunately, Black later escaped Rotta's grip thanks to the combined efforts of Sebiscuits Cardarphen and Baby Intelligence.[2]

It is possible that she also knew Darren Slade.[2]

Mira died in 2020.

Physical description Edit

Mira is slender and extremely athletic. She wears black high heels, and she has light skin and dark-colored eyes. Her hair is light brown.[2] Mira is 1.5 meters tall.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Mira was a very immoral NoHead but was also somewhat insecure. She is very devoted to the NoHeads and the Dark side, though not as much so as Annabeth or Hell Burnbottom, who attempted to reincarnate themselves to carry on the affairs of the NoHeads.[2][4] She is very kind to her friends, especially Bartholomew Gales and Annabeth Black; she also harbors a lot of admiration for the latter.[2]

Powers and abilities Edit

Mira was trained as a NoHead. Despite this, she actually performed very little mutantry, only displaying her powers to Apparate. Perhaps she was skilled in sword combat. She did have great physical strength, however.[2]


Mr. Stupid NoHead Edit

Mira had always admired Mr. Stupid NoHead, and would do anything to join his ranks someday.

Annabeth Black Edit

Annabeth body

Annabeth Black

Mira first met Annabeth Black in 2014, which she felt was an honor. Although Mira initially intended to use Annabeth to get her way into the NoHead ranks, the two became close friends, especially on Mira's part. Annabeth did seem to value her life.

Etymology Edit

The meanings of the name Mira are various. In the Romance languages, it is related to the Latin words for "wonder" and "wonderful." In the various Slavic languages, it means "peace" and is often used as part of a longer name, such as Miroslava or Sławomira. In Albanian language, it means "goodness" or "kindness". In Sanskrit, it means "ocean", "sea", "limit" or "boundary" In Hebrew, it is a derivative of Miriam or the female equivalent of Meir, meaning light.[5]

It is distinct from "Myra" which has a different origin.[6]

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