The metal tube is ancient and made of durasteel, a metal commonly associated with the Dark side.


Mr. Demonic NoHeadEdit

Mr. Demonic NoHead was out traveling to the house of a severe enemy when he came across a trench that neutralized powers, thus he could not fly over it. He immediately used an Extendable Bridge he carried with him. The bridge latched to both sides and Mr. Demonic NoHead was able to cross. As he began to cross it, however, he found a magician blocking his path. He knew of this magician, and how he was the only threat to the NoHeads.

While pretending to congratulate him for his triumph, the wizard schemed against him. He offered Mr. Demonic NoHead a gift for outsmarting him. NoHead knew what he wanted was power, and as such he asked for a small contraption that would give him more power than anyone. Defeated, the magician handed over his metal tube. NoHead seized the chance to kill the latter with it before finishing his trip.

Mr. Demonic NoHead immediately used the metal tube to kill the enemy he had set off to destroy. Killing him was not a problem. Convinced of his power, Mr. Demonic NoHead began to blindly brag of his invincibility.

Mr. Ghastly NoHeadEdit

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Mr. Crooked NoHeadEdit

It is possible that Mr. Crooked NoHead owned the metal tube. If so, it is unknown how he acquired it nor what occasions he used it on.

Mr. Stupid NoHeadEdit

After the NoHead Cataclysm, Mr. Stupid NoHead became the rightful owner of the metal tube. During the final battle against Baby Intelligence, NoHead deployed the metal tube to help him prevail. He scored several hits, but Intelligence snatched it and used it for himself. Mr. Stupid NoHead immediately attacked Baby Intelligence with a jet of lightning, which Intelligence used the metal tube to counter, firing a cord of red light. As both attacks collided producing an intense heating effect, NoHead realized the metal tube was hesitant to kill its master. He attempted several times to direct his attack at Baby Intelligence’s allies (still locked in battle with the metal tube), with lightning tendrils ejecting from the main beam, but was unsuccessful and instead hit the walls and several chairs. Finally, he slashed his hand to break the connection and quickly breathed fire, conjuring a huge, fiery cord. The fire immediately realized the presence of Baby Intelligence, striking down in an attempt to devour him. Baby Intelligence then gathered the flames for himself, whirling them into a fiery ring like mass, and sending them hurtling towards NoHead. The tube complied this time, leading to Mr. Stupid NoHead’s temporary death.

Hell BurnbottomEdit

After Mr. Stupid NoHead’s second death, Hell Burnbottom acquired the metal tube. During his duel with Sebiscuits, he used the metal tube to enhance and direct the vines to strangle the latter. Shortly afterwards, during a sky battle, Red X's lightning destroyed the medium metal tube.

Red XEdit

As Hell Burnbottom clashed with Master Intelligence and Lindsay Kellerman, Red X recovered the metal tube with Force Baby’s help. She returned to the grounds and used it to incapitate him. The tube, recognizing her as more pleasant and powerful, answered to her without question (albeit resisting Baby Intelligence at first but warming up to him). With Hell Burnbottom defeated, and Red X now the rightful possessor of the tube, she used her sword to destroy it, clearly baffling Master Intelligence and Lindsay. She brought both pieces home, where she told Intelligence that she would burn the pieces so their power would not couple together. She also told her Master that she destroyed it because she felt that it had already caused more trouble than it was worth, and a future line of masters “could result in mayhem, and, you know, virtual tyranny.” Master Intelligence approved.

Known Masters of the Metal TubeEdit


The metal tube was the most powerful weapon in existence. Its owner could have used it to perform attacks more powerful than any believed to be physically possible. For example, when it was used against them Baby Intelligence and Hell Burnbottom could not deflect it, despite their being able to deflect almost any projectile. However, there appears to be limitations, since Red X was not able to control Lindsay’s mind, bring Paige and Rotta from the dead, and neither was able to heal Lindsay and Telekinibabe after the Battle of Bast Castle (albeit she might not have wanted to do so), with the tube amplifying her own powers, suggesting that the metal tube can merely improve pre-existing powers rather than allow the user to perform the impossible.

Behind The ScenesEdit

Every single owner of the metal tube was a mutant. In The Super Babies: Prequel IV: The Last Battle, the metal tube has a small button on the side, though in The X-Children - Part 2, the button is missing.


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