Script error Mesakk was a male Traldii bounty hunter, who lived on Planet 12.


Mesakk was born on Planet 12. Eventually, he became a professional hunter. While he usually worked alone, he would rarely team up for a shared objective. Some time after Mr. Demonic NoHead’s visit to the planet, Lily hired Mesakk to help her deal with Tyber Iavanna. However, Tyber’s associate, Uraia Nen, freed him from the dungeons, and Tyber decided to get his revenge on Lily. He would go on to steal the Holoka.

Shortly afterwards, Lily had her guards engage in battle with the Iavanna. At the front, Mesakk led the charge while Lily watched. Lily had pinpointed the Iavanna’s bases and sent saboteurs to hit them. Although she was initially successful, Tyber rebounded and sent an attack force to Lily’s robot factory on Hypiria. Iavanna convinced Mesakk to switch sides for triple payment, leading to a rare defeat for Lily. Mesakk stood by as Tyber killed Lily’s men and forced the administrator to agree to a ceasefire that called off the bounty on Tyber’s head.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Mesakk was a ruthless and efficient bounty hunter who upheld the Bounty Hunter Code. He did not like other bounty hunters or governments interfering with any of his bounties. While Mesakk tended to work alone, he was also capable of working with other individuals, including Tyber Iavanna. As a businessman, Mesakk was also known to keep his promises to the letter of the law. He was also known as a fair and honest combatant.