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"Medieval, dates unknown. Most famous wizard of all time. Sometimes known as the Prince of Enchanters. Part of the Court of King Arthur."
―Merlin's Holocard[src]

Merlin was a wizard who lived during the medieval era. Little is known of his past, but he was a member of King Arthur's court, and arguably one of the most powerful wizards of all time.[1]


Early LifeEdit

Merlin was born sometime during the medieval era.[1] It is said that Merlin's wand was of English oak (though his grave has never been found, so this cannot be proven).[2]

At some point in his lifetime, Merlin became a part of the Court of King Arthur, assisting him during his reign.[1] He was the enemy of Arthur's half-sister, Morgan le Fay (also known as Morgana), a dark witch.[3]

Merlin believed that wizards should help Muggles and live peacefully with them.[1] To this end, he founded the Order of Magic, an organization which promoted Fobble rights, creating rules against using magic on them.[1]

Merlin also took to training a wizard. It is possible that he informed the individual of his magical potential. The apprentice answered to Merlin and was unwaveringly loyal. Merlin also created the Arts.

Merlin was also an expert user of charms.[1] His exceptional skill earned him the epithet "Prince of Enchanters".[1]

Death and post-mortem Edit

Before Merlin died, he ordered his apprentice to keep the Arts hidden until the time was right and the mutants resurfaced onto the Earth. The wizard promised to keep it safe.

At some point, either during Merlin's lifetime or after his death, his apprentice switched the Order of Magic from a Muggle rights organization to an award bestowed upon anyone who performed a great deed at personal risk or contributed to the betterment of society in some way, a sign of the estrangement of the Muggle community from the mutant one. Most of the wizards sought refuge with the mutants, who were similarly estranged and secretive.


Merlin's renown led his name to become a part of everyday wizarding vernacular.

The Knights of Metta took special pride in Merlin — "the most famous wizard in history".[1]

Merlin was immortalized on a Holocard. Baby Intelligence found a copy of this card in one of the Holocards he bought on 1 January, 2020.[4]

On 31 July, 2020, the Perpetual Seer published a letter by a reader suggesting a "Merlin Remembrance Day" be established.[5]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Arguably one of the most powerful wizards of all time, it can be assumed that Merlin was rich in learning and experience and that his proficiency and knowledge in magic was of a standard few had ever seen before and unmatched by any other witch or wizard in his time. Merlin's skill in using charms, bewitchments and enchantments are legendary, to the point of him being dubbed the "Prince of Enchanters", which speaks for his exceptional ability in this field of magic. He shows an ability to see into the future, though not completely. He possesses a well-developed ability to shape-shift. He often references his knowledge of the future when speaking to others, leaving them understandably confused.

Relationships Edit

Apprentices Edit



Merlin was the teacher to many individuals, two of which achieved immortality. They were both very loyal to him. One of them fulfilled Merlin's dying wish by relocating the Arts and ensuring Mr. Demonic NoHead had them when the time was right.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Merlin is a wizard featured in many British legends. Though he first appeared under the name Myrddin Wyllt (Merlin the wild) in Welsh literature as a half-crazed prophet of the forest, he is perhaps most famous as a central figure in the Arthurian legend. He is most commonly depicted as the adviser of King Arthur.[6]

As the legends and tales of Merlin is known both to Fobbles, wizards, and mutants alike, and Fobbles have written about how Merlin is said to have been the child of a human woman who was impregnated by a demon, many fans speculates that Merlin may have been a Half-Blood wizard, and that his father may have been a fearsome Warlock using magic against Fobbles and were so widely feared by Fobbles that he was recorded in myth as an evil entity. However, as mentioned, this is just speculation.

In some myths about Merlin, he proved capable of making prophecies, change his appearance at will and predict the future, and if this indeed is true for his wizarding counterpart, Merlin would have been both a Seer and shapeshifter.

Some myths claim Merlin to be a Druid and/or raised among them. While yet to be confirmed, this may very well be the case of his in-universe counterpart, as the Druids's respect and veneration of nature and all of its beings fits very well with Merlin's desire to promote Fobble rights.


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