"A motherly-looking nurse wearing a cornucopia necklace in her hair came bustling up the corridor, smiling warmly at Master Intelligence and the others."

Martha Strout was a nurse on the James Hughes Ward at NYC Hospital. She was described to be a motherly-looking healer.


"Look, Fredrick, you've been sent a potted plant and a lovely calendar with a different fancy Falgama for each month."
―Martha Strout's mistake[src]

Martha Strout was responsible for looking after long-term patients such as Laura. When Baby Intelligence, Baby Strength, Force Baby, Telekinibabe, and Sebiscuits came up to the hospital ward, she led them in, where she revealed that Lindsay Kellerman had just been brought in.

In 2041, at the height of the S.M.S.B. - Knights of Plague Conflict, Strout began looking after Fredrick Powell while preparing for the Thanksgiving period. It was her job to putt up decorations, look after patients, and see to visitations from friends and family. Soon after he entered, Fredrick was given a potted plant (unbeknownst to either of them) from the Knights of Plague. Although NYC Hospital has strict regulations of the gifts allowed into the hospital, Strout mistook the plant to be a harmless sunflower, and thought the improving Fredrick could take care of it. When the vines strangled him in his hospital bed, the mistake cost him his life. She was suspended on full pay whilst the matter was investigated, and was unavailable for comments for the newspaper.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Despite being kind and well-meaning, Martha was also fussy.