Script error Martha Grant (b. 1976) was the wife of Thomas Grant and mother of Tyler Grant and thus the paternal grandmother of Tyler Grant Jr, also known as Telekinibabe. She was part of the wealthiest family in the village of Albany. The Grants were snobby and looked down on most other people in town, in particular the poverty-stricken House of Allen that lived nearby, becoming very unpopular amongst them.

Biography Edit

Martha Grant was born in 1976. At some point in her life she married Thomas Grant, a man born into the wealthy Grant family. In 1998, she gave birth to a son, Tyler Grant.

Martha and her husband suffered great scandal when Tyler abruptly married Meghan Allen, the daughter of "tramp" Pete Allen. Meghan was one of the Allens, a mutant family. She had entranced Tyler by means of mind control. The couple left for Palmyra, where Meghan became pregnant. Abandoning his pregnant wife, Tyler soon returned to his parents' home in Albany, claiming to have been "hoodwinked" and "taken in" by Meghan. Meghan would die soon after giving birth to Tyler Grant Junior, living only long enough to name him.

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