"Form II, also called Makashi, represents the ultimate refinement of sword-to-sword combat."
―Cecelia Martez on Form II[src]

Form II, also known as Makashi, The Way of the Nyark Lizards, or The Contention Form, was the second of the seven classic forms of sword combat. Developed for the purpose of sword-to-sword combat, to address the failings of Form I, Makashi was the most dueling-centric of the seven classical forms. Relying on precision and efficiency over Shii-Cho's wild, sweeping motions, Form II allowed an initiate to defend himself against an opponent with minimal effort, while placing a heavy focus on avoiding disarmament.


Makashi was the most dueling-centric of the seven forms. Form II’s primary purpose was to serve as a counter to the first form; Shii-Cho. Makashi relied on precision swordplay to counter the sweeping movements demonstrated by Shii-Cho, and bore a heavy focus on protecting one’s weapon to avoid being disarmed, the primary goal of Form I. Form II emphasized fluid motion and anticipation of a weapon being swung at its target, and so required very fluid movements of both the blade and the body. Timing, accuracy, and skill, rather than strength, were relied-upon to defeat one’s opponent. With a skilled practitioner, the results were deadly. Makashi users were often elegant, precise, calm, confident to the point of arrogance (as befit Hell Burnbottom’s personality). Form II users were supremely confident in their chances for victory, and often looked so relaxed when they were fighting they even appeared to be dancing. Makashi duelists also trained themselves to avoid enslavement to form, as such enslavement opened the practitioner to be defeated by predictability and the unexpected. Form II carried emphasis on blade manipulation, as well as many fluid one-handed moves.


  • Contentious Opportunity: A tactic based upon recognizing and exploiting an opening in the opponent’s defense before swiftly moving to strike the exposed enemy.
  • Makashi Riposte: A defensive technique where the duelist slightly alters the angle of an opponent’s attack before quickly retaliating with a counter strike.


Initially, Form II was invented to compensate for the flaws of Shii-Cho, or Form I.


Despite everything, by the time of the Second NoHead War, few practiced the form, the most notable being Hell Burnbottom. Like Mrs. Eerie NoHead, Burnbottom argued Makashi's continuing relevance was due to the discipline it instilled, and held it among the highest of fighting forms. Other masters of Makashi included famed police Battlemaster Cecelia Martez and the extremely ambidexterous Baby Intelligence. Hell Burnbottom trained both Mean King and Sebiscuits in Form II. Makashi evidently became one of Sebiscuits' primary fighting methods, as many of his opponents commented on Burnbottom's influence in his technique.