Lestange is the surname of a pure-blood[2] mutant family.

Family History Edit

Sebastian and Rudolph Lestange were both born sometime before 2026. Together, they supported the Gladiator and became Knights of Plague during the Third NoHead War. They were fairly active during the S.M.S.B.-Knights of Plague conflict. Sebastian quietly possessed Fredrick Powell and Russell Stewart on the Gladiator's orders. These were placed in a bid to obtain the Orb of Power. However, these attempts were short-lived. After the failure of his previous attempts to obtain the Orb, the Gladiator successfully attempted to lure Lindsay to the Hall of Domination by planting a vision into her mind about a powerful bomb that could destroy everything. In the prelude of the battle, Sebastian and Rudolph conversed together while on the lookout for Master Intelligence during the Battle of Transylvania. In the following battle, the two were paired together, only for Force Baby to eventually shoot them.

Whether twin Superhero School students Flora and Hestia Lestange are part of this family is unknown.

Family MembersEdit

Mutant(s) Notes
Sebastian Lestange A military Knight of Plague.
Rudolph Lestange A military fighter in the Knight of Plague.
Flora Lestange Students at Superhero School in the 2040s and members of the Sanders Club.
Hestia Lestange


The name 'Lestange' echoes the name 'Lestrange', which in turn echoes the French phrase l'étrange, literally "the strange one", referring to Sebastian's stupidity. In Old French, estrange means "foreigner". The surname may allude to English journalist Roger L'Estrange, who was known for opposing religious toleration and for being involved in plots against the government of William and Mary, similar to the Lestanges' intolerance about mutant superiority and involvement in the Knights of Plague organization.

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