"Lazar is a school for young mutants. The school has a dubious reputation, and is known to put a lot of emphasis on teaching the Darkness."
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The Lazar Institute is the Columbian mutant school, located in the northernmost regions of Columbia.[1] The school, which presumably takes mainly South American students, is willing to accept international students as far afield as Chile. Lazar is notorious for teaching the Darkness.

Lazar does not admit Fobble-borns.

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Around 2031, Thomas Meyer was accepted into Lazar Institute. Although the school was oriented towards the Darkness, Meyer's experiments in the Darkness were considered too dangerous for the students. After a certain amount of time, even Lazar could no longer ignore Meyer's dangerous studies, and expelled him. Before he was expelled, he carved the calling card of his obsession, the mark of the Arts, on a wall of the school; that mark stayed there long after his defeat in 2180.


Lazar is notorious for its acceptance of the Darkness, and was known to have educated (and later expelled) Thomas Meyer before his ascension as a Dark mutant. Harold Black, another Dark mutant, considered sending his son to Lazar, but his mother did not like the idea of him going to school so far away.

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