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Then he twisted the angle of his sword and ignited it, and it plunged through the chest of Master Intelligence.

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An army of mutants calling themselves the Knights of Meyer followed the Dark mutant the Dark Flame in the early twenty-second century. They sought to create a worldwide mutant empire, which would overturn the Muggle rulers and politicians and force the Muggle population into slavery under their motto: "For the Greater Good."



"We've lived in the shadows for far too long."
―The Dark Flame to Colby Credence[src]

Between about 2070 when Centauri fled the MBH and 2180, the year of his downfall, Dark mutant Thomas Meyer, better known as the Dark Flame, formed an army consisting of mutants and possibly other creatures, with the purpose of building a worldwide mutant empire that ruled Muggle society as well as mutant society. Eventually he and the Knights of Meyer]] launched several devastating attacks across North America, committing mass-slaughter, and garnering international attention from authorities. Several of the attacks carried a high risk of war. In response to the Dark Flame's actions an international mutant hunt ensued, and was reported on in periodicals. At some point the Dark Flame was almost captured, but was able to evade his pursuers, and disappear.[1]

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Shadow WarsEdit

The Dark Flame succeeded in erecting a prison to serve as a form of containment for his enemies, breached only by Sebiscuits. By 2077, parts of the community, including Anakin Organa, considered them fanatics.[1] Unbeknownst to Hickory, the Dark Flame infiltrated the Whitehouse by assuming the identity of Olivia Alexandra Mary. The Dark Flame believed the mysterious attacks occurring in New York City to be the work of a powerful Obscurial, which he felt would be a great asset for his evil goals. Using his disguise as Mary, the Dark Flame came into regular contact with Colby Credence, whom he believed to be connected to the Obscurial. The Dark Flame manipulated him into helping him find the Obscurial with the promise of protection and training.[1]

During this time, the Dark Flame (as Mary) finally encountered Anakin and Jay Organa, whose escaped beasts were believed to be the cause of the Obscurial's attacks. He discovered the Obscurial with Jay, and realized they commanded the Team of Terror. The Knights of Meyer invaded the hotel, but this proved no fruit. However, after Colby revealed that he was the Obscurial, he attacked the city of London and was killed by the Organas. The Dark Flame was apprehended by Jay, who then revealed his real identity. As the Dark Flame was dragged off, he correctly deduced that the Team of Terror had to be dealt with quickly, or else they could very well destroy the Knights of Meyer.[1]

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Height of the OrderEdit

The Dark Flame intended to assassinate Master Intelligence and destroy the Map of Light, which he believed would make him and his followers invincible. To that end, an armed force of troops conducted an assault on Palmyra, a popular city in New York where the Dark Flame hoped to gain information pertaining to the MBH's blueprints. After executing the village leader Eegan Grover for refusing to cooperate, the Dark Flame directed the Knights of Meyer to exterminate the city's entire population. Everyone complied with the Dark Flame's order, firing into the crowd until the last townsperson was dead.

Attack on PennsylvaniaEdit

In 2137, Captain Photon received a readout informing her that the Team of Terror was camping in Pennsylvania as they moved closer to the Dark Flame's fortress. Photon led a squadron of troops to deal with the threat. Anakin and Jay Organa were already helping the Team of Terror evacuate when Photon attacked. After a brief fight between Team of Terror members and Knights of Meyer, Photon engaged Anakin, but was quickly defeated. Photon ordered the troops out, but as the group moved onto a bridge, the Knights made another attempt. In the following skirmish, Captain Photon placed bombs onto an extension bridge just as Anakin Organa escorted the others across it. The two were able to save the other members of the Team of Terror, but were left dangling on the far end of a bridge after Photon detonated the explosives. Jay chose to sacrifice himself, as the broken section could only hold one person. Afterwards, the Team of Terror moved out, and Photon made no attempt to follow them.


After a number of years terrorizing both America and Canada, the Dark Flame was defeated by Sebiscuits. Without the Dark Flame, the Knights of Meyer became confused and lost. After the battle, everything immediately went wrong for them. Many of them died out when a group of bombers destroyed their headquarters. The few survivors were rounded up and arrested by the government fighters, their enemies, and imprisoned in Negagard.


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