The Knight War was a conflict fought across the world ending in 1936; the common name for it is unknown. It was started by the Legions of Metta with the intentions of toppling the government, replacing them with a mutant empire that would control the entire population of Earth and enslave the Fobbles.[2]

Origins Edit

"Knights of medieval times may have tried standing up to them. However, they never went to war until the early 20th century."
Baby Intelligence[src]

While the Knights of medieval times attempted to combat the Legions of Metta, the war officially began in the early 20th century, according to Baby Intelligence.[2]

History Edit

Battle of Huntsville Edit

The Battle of Huntsville was presumably fought by the government, and once it was over, Lord Zapora joined the Legions of Metta.[2]

Fall of Lord Gorn Edit

Eventually, Lord Zapora chose to betray the Legions of Metta. He knew he had to fight his former Master but kept pushing the moment until "only when it would have been too late to take action," as Master Intelligence said. It resulted in a legendary duel between the two great mutants which brought Gorn to defeat. Zapora, who had since taken the name of Officer Bullseye, proceeded to kill the Dark mutant who had terrorized the society.[2]

End of the war Edit

After the duel, the Legions of Metta scattered and went into hiding. The police proudly broadcast the defeat of the Order across the world urging countries to join them in overthrowing the remnants of the Legions of Metta. The police, now supported by the government as well as many countries across the world, pressed its advantage against the Legions by liberating cities like Helena, Montana, and scored key victories against any remaining Mettan leaders. Slowly, but surely the Legions of Metta started to crumble as infighting among Mettan leaders became frequent, and they continued to suffer losses from the ever growing government, which prevented them from becoming a single unified force.[2]

Battle of the Appalachians Edit

Eventually, the remaining forces of the Legions of Metta planned to win a much needed victory over the government by luring them to the Appalachian Mountains, which ended up being the largest battle fought since Huntsville. However, due to outdated, and very predictable Mettan tactics, the government forces were able to gain the advantage in the battle, and win a decisive victory. After the Battle of the Appalachians, the remnants of the Knights signed the International Concordance which ended the war, and reduced the Order to a rump state having to obey strict disarmament policies, and pay war reparations.[2]

Aftermath Edit

"In the month since the Battle of the Appalachians, the Legions of Metta have attempted no further large-scale offensives. Sources report all Mettan vessels staying within the boundaries defined by the treaty. A few prominent members of the Senate have speculated that the government's war with the remnants of the Legions of Metta has finally come to an end and that a final surrender may be imminent. However, in his address today, warned that all should remain on high alert, and that the Government Starfleet should be kept on a war footing for the foreseeable future."
―Baby Intelligence[src]

With the final battle ending with a victory for the government, Lord Sierra Hale wondered whether the Knights' plans for making a stand at the Appalachians were betrayed by Smasa in a power play, as well as believing that outdated battle tactics played a part in the Legions' defeat. Following the battle, the Legions of Metta did not attempt to instigate any other large-scale offensives with the government. The exhausted Order would be bound by the punitive treaty, forcing it to order all Mettan vessels located in the known world to remain within pre-determined boundaries, as well as cede their headquarters over to the government. Harsh war reparations and severe restrictions on its military capabilities effectively turned the fractured Knights into a rump state. With the treaty signed, a few prominent members of the Senate believed that the Knight War was nearing its end and that the Empire's total capitulation was imminent.[2]

In the decades after the battle, the Appalachians' landscape was still littered with wreckage from the battle in an area known as the Graveyard of Giants, with the fallen Exterminator-class Star Devastator and Star Cruisers of both sides littering the landscape. Despite most ships having crashed in the Graveyard, wrecked fighters, warships and miscellaneous debris could be found in several different locales. Survivors of the battle who ejected from a fighter or came down in an escape pod often wandered the mountains in search of inhabited settlements. With the Appalachians' nearly non-existent population at the time, many died of exposure wandering the mountains, or starved to death in caves. As a result, the region became littered with bodies, and the bones of fallen soldiers still in uniform littered several different locales. Lifeforms such as woodpeckers would break down metals in the crashed starships, while transplanted creatures and parasites from the battle would stubbornly find a place in the ecology.[2]

After the establishment of Vang Outpost, an entire economy would be established based on the foraging of valuable technology in the Graveyard, with local junk boss Jaden Vang controlling a monopoly over the business from his base at Vang Outpost following the murder of his father. As a result, many stories would circulate over the origins of the wreckage and the battle that was fought, with many local residents falsely claiming to have been present when the ships fell. Many rumors over the war circulated.[2][3]

Decades later, the war would be taught within the government educational system. Additionally, a Mettan artifact collector would name himself after the battle, going under the pseudonym 'Avenger of the Appalachians'.[2]

Fifty-four years after the battle, the Pummeller piloted by officers Jean and Bladepoint would fight against several N-54 robotic fighters over the wreckage.[4] Some individuals such as Jonathan, a male scavenger, scavenged through the old battlefront with his speeder bike and maintained a destroyed cruiser as his home.[3] Decades later, an abandoned government corvette carrying secret information coveted by both the Legions of Metta and the government during the battle was discovered. It would become the focus of a group of scavengers to retrieve this information.[2]

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