Script error Ken was the father of Qamar and the mother of Abigail.


At one point, Ken married Abigail. During the height of the First NoHead War, the two of them gave birth to a son, whom they named Qamar. Like his wife, Ken was disturbed when he realized that the baby was born with a powerful connection to the dark side. He also considered Qamar to have an unusual amount of luck, and he usually made the correct decisions. However, Abigail, was killed while protecting innocents from mercenaries, and Ken was left to raise their son alone.

When a recently appointed NoHead named Annabeth Black learned of the woman's fight with the slavers, a large military force was deployed to Bridgeton under the command of Mr. Stupid NoHead himself. During the battle, Ken engaged NoHead in a duel, though he was quickly bested and killed by the Dark Lord.

His son would proceed to demonstrate his reflexive telekinesis by pulling NoHead's sword out of his hand. Impressed by Qamar's potential in the darkness, NoHead abducted the younger Qamar shortly after he killed a squad of robots in order to keep Qamar's existence a secret. Mr. Stupid NoHead was recruiting NoHeads to join him in his quest for domination. As such, he endeavored to teach the ways of the darkness to his new disciple.

Qamar told his new friend, Sean, about his parents in 2015. When Qamar met Black, he initially detested her for her role in Ken's demise. However, when Annabeth pointed out that he would not be a NoHead either if it weren't for her, Qamar forgave her and turned away.

Personality and traitsEdit

Little is known about Ken's personality, except the fact that he chose to resist Mr. Stupid NoHead and try to avoid death. Ken was courageous enough to resist capture rather than flee to save his own neck, something that Qamar later remarked was brave as Ken obviously was at a disadvantage against the legendary Dark mutant. Furthermore, Ken loved his son dearly.


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