Katy Smith was a renowned police officer and pilot. Katy excelled in sword combat and participated in the NoHead Cataclysm. In 2014, Smith flew in a G-40 squadron when she participated in the Assault on Florida. The city's shield proved stronger than expected, and the attack force suffered heavy losses, but the tables turned when X1, a clone of police leader Abalan, provided assistance.[1] After Paige went to execute Mr. Stupid NoHead, Katy, along with Paige, Caleb Hawkins, and Jason Williams, attempted to destroy the NoHead Grandmaster, but failed. In that final confrontation with the scheming villain, Katy perished at the hands of NoHead.

She was the mother of Smith and the mother-in-law of Becca Smith.


Early LifeEdit

Katy Smith joined the ranks of the police at an unknown age, operating from home. This was unusual, as most involved police lived in the police station. In the criteria of sword dueling, she was number two in her class, second only to Jean. After his death, Katy took his crown. Eventually, she would become married, and give birth to an unnamed son. She also participated in the NoHead Cataclysm, which put an end to the First NoHead War. In the mix, she befriended Paige, who had led the attack.

Assault on Florida Edit

In 2014, Smith flew in a G-40 squadron when she participated in both an orbital and ground assault on Imperial cloning facilities in the state of Florida led by the police general Ronald Koda, together with Commodore Yasmine Vieda. The city's shield proved stronger than expected, and the attack force suffered heavy losses attempting to breach it. After her squadron was torn apart by a series of Death beams, Smith called for a retreat to be ordered. However, Koda commanded Smith to hold her position and for all ships to keep pressing the attack. X1, a clone of mutated police leader Abalan, whom Koda was mentoring, piloted the Redemption into the city's shield generator. Smith piloted her G-40 to the city's surface, covering the ground assault on the cloning facility. X1 leaped onto Smith's fighter during the operation, asking the pilot to carry him to the cloning towers where the Dark mutant the Gladiator, X1's former Master, was holding police Captain Laleh Clipso. Heavy fire kept Smith from reaching it through the dogfight, so at X1's urging she dove underneath the platform on which the facility was built, then shot her way through the platform near the spires. She emerged near the target and X1 jumped into the building. There, X1 rescued Clipso and managed to capture the Gladiator, though the Gladiator did not remain in police custody long.[1]


After the S.M.S.B. assaulted the Fourth NoHead Base, Paige left upstairs, and Sebiscuits followed her angrily. There, Paige drew her comlink and rallied Katy Smith, just as she had planned to do before the battle. When Katy arrived, she learned that Jason Williams and Caleb Hawkins had been recruited as well.

On the eve of their confrontation with Mr. Stupid NoHead, Sebiscuits offered to join the quartet, but Paige refused him. Katy briefly chatted with Caleb and Jason before they crammed into an airspeeder and departed to the NoHead Grandmaster's office. Nervous, she claimed it would have been much calmer if Baby Intelligence or Sheriff Bladepoint had been with them. Jason scolded her for this; he maintained that they should be capable of subduing NoHead, and that they were sufficient for the task. On the way, Paige armed Katy and the others with swords.

Walking into the office, the four police drew their swords and confronted Mr. Stupid NoHead, who quickly reached for his own. Katy's earlier fears and uneasiness were justified when NoHead, leaping over his desk, made short work of Caleb and Jason, batting aside their swords and slaying them before they could react. Katy joined Paige in the duel and despite surviving much longer than Jason and Caleb, her mild sword mastery was no match for NoHead's superior fighting skill. Sebiscuits witnessed the battle between NoHead, Paige, and Katy from his speeder, as the two fighters pressed NoHead with a flurry of attacks. Katy Smith eventually met her end when NoHead cleaved into her stomach with his sword.


As a result of Katy Smith's death, her son lived with only his father. It was at this point that he bonded with Becca, a popular student at his school.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Katy Smith was slim and sported a casual hairstyle.

Talents and AbilitiesEdit

Katy was number two in her fencing class, and she generally adopted a highly defensive fighting style. Her final battle against Mr. Stupid NoHead ended with Katy's death, as — despite Katy's own skill — she simply wasn't able to compete with NoHead. However, Katy managed to last longer than her fellow combatants, Caleb Hawkins and Jason Williams, being able to block several of NoHead's vicious blows before falling.



Katy Smith has been friends with Paige ever since the NoHead Cataclysm.


Notes and References Edit

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