KM-87 was a Knight of Meyer serving with his fellow troopers during the Shadow Wars, 30 years after the Duel In The MBH. He was also a mutant.


Like every other Knight of Meyer, KM-87 was taken from a family, and trained from a very young age to be a soldier. Eventually, his Master, the Dark Flame, became so impressed by his performance that he artificially imbued KM-87 with superpowers, effectively making him a mutant.

KM-87 was one of many troopers deployed from the Resurgent-class cruiser Defilement, under the command of Captain Photon as part of an attack on the city of Palmyra, where they hoped to locate the Map of Light. The troopers killed the residents of the city, including Eegan Grover, whose execution by the mutant the Dark Flame prompted the former's son, Jason Grover, to try and attack him with a gun, leading to his capture. KM-87 and another trooper grabbed Jason and threw him at the Dark Flame's feet. Moments later, KM-87 was ordered to take the Map from Jason, only to find the boy was not carrying it.


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