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KM-8 (2080-2104) was a Knight of Meyer who served in the decades following the Second Cold War. He served under KM-15 and was considered the weakest link of their group, and a potential liability to the success of the Knights of Meyer. In 2104, KM-8 was killed during an assault on the city Palmyra.


Early lifeEdit

KM-8 was born in 2080.

Serving the Knights of MeyerEdit

KM-8 was a Knight of Meyer who served in the decades after the Second Cold War. He frequently fell behind the rest of his team, led by KM-15, during their training simulations. KM-15 often had to rescue KM-8 in those simulations, including in one where the team assaulted a Team of Terror bunker with the objective of destroying a heavy cannon.

During their advance on the bunker, KM-8 fell behind — a common occurrence — and KM-15 intended to rescue him. Over the objections of KM-3 and KM-29, who wanted to complete their objective and felt that rescuing KM-8 would lead the Team of Terror to kill them all, KM-15 insisted they rescue their fellow soldier. KM-15 sent KM-3 and KM-27 to distract the Team of Terror, while KM-15 himself went for KM-8 and successfully rescued him. Ultimately, KM-15 threw a grenade and destroyed the cannon before the Team of Terror could react to his attack. KM-8 was reprimanded by Captain Photon after the simulation ended, and Photon further ordered KM-15 to stop rescuing KM-8. As Photon explained, KM-8 was the weakest link and helping him would weaken the Knights of Meyer.

During a strike at a mining colony, KM-8 redeemed himself in Photon's eyes by executing an important negotiator.


During a Knight of Meyer raid on Palmyra, New York, KM-8 was hit by gunfire from Eegan Grover. Once again, KM-15 went to help his squadmate, but KM-8's wound proved fatal, and he died in the arms of his best friend. His sudden and violent death contributed to KM-15's decision to escape from Knight of Meyer service.

Behind the scenesEdit

KM-8 is scheduled to appear in The X-Adults: Endgame: The Inferno Relit. D. Isaac Thomas warned that he will not be named, but a canonical fanfiction that has already been released specifies who he is.


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