KM-3 was a Knight of Meyer in the KM Corps who served in the decades following the Third NoHead War.


Early lifeEdit

The boy who would become KM-3 was taken as a child from his family to serve the Knights of Meyer. Indeed, KM-3 had been too young to even remember who his family was. The child received the designation KM-3 and was made a Knight of Meyer, a military junta that continued the ideals of the fallen NoHeads in the decades after the Second Cold War. KM-3 served under Captain Photon and, as a cadet, alongside fellow troopers KM-29, KM-15, and KM-8.

Under the Knights of MeyerEdit

During his time as a cadet, KM-3 and his fellow troopers underwent a training simulation in which they assaulted a Team of Terror bunker, with the intention of destroying a heavy cannon manned by Team of Terror members. During their advance on the bunker, KM-8 fell behind and KM-15 intended to rescue him. KM-3 and KM-29 both objected to this, as they both wanted to complete their objective and felt that rescuing KM-8 would lead the Team of Terror to take them all out, but KM-15 insisted they rescue their fellow soldier. KM-3 and KM-27 both separated into different directions in order to divide the Terror Team's attention, while KM-15 rescued KM-8. Though KM-3 and KM-29 were pinned down, their diversion gave KM-15 a clear path into the Team of Terror bunker, into which he destroyed the cannon before the Team of Terror could react to his attack.

The simulation was monitored by Captain Photon and George. After the training session ended, Photon spoke to the troopers and told them that their performance was adequate. Each was given a review of their performance, with KM-3 being commended on his kill rate and determination to complete the mission. He was then dismissed, but KM-15 stayed and spoke with Photon.

Following this incident, KM-3 and his fellow troopers were deployed to a mining colony in a field. Although the miners had staged a strike to protest the harsh working conditions, Captain Photon lied to KM-3 and his comrades. She told them that the purpose of their visit was to 'restore order' after Team of Terror agents had allegedly infiltrated the mining operations, sabotaged equipment and created dissent among the miners there. Upon arrival, Captain Photon took KM-3's unit to a room of negotiators. Captain Photon then gave the order that the troopers execute the negotiators, for which KM-3 complied. Upon returning from the mining colony, KM-3 and his fellow troopers were officially recognized as full-fledged Knights of Meyer.

Physical descriptionEdit

KM-3 had dark brown skin. On his cheek was a healed, light-colored scar.

Behind the scenesEdit

KM-3 was first introduced in the spin-off book Knights of Meyer.


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