KM-29 (b. 2073) was a Knight of Meyer who served in the decades following the Second Cold War. He served alongside his fellow friend and brother in arms, KM-15.


Early life (2073)Edit

Born in 2073, KM=29 served in the Knights of Meyer in the decades after the S.M.S.B. - Knights of Plague Conflict. Training in the KM Corps under Captain Photon alongside KM-3, KM-8, and KM-15, they practiced in simulated combat for most of their lives. During their first deployment, KM Corps was brought to a mining facility, and ordered to kill the workers that had gone on strike. Initially reluctant, KM-29 followed as ordered once KM-8 and KM-15 opened fire.

Shadow Wars (2104)Edit

During the Shadow Wars, the Dark Flame sought the Map of Light, which could destroy the light side itself. The Map was held by a teenager named Britney Grover. KM-29 was one of many Knights of Meyer who were deployed to attack Palmyra. Along with at least sixty other troopers, KM-29 rode on the Defilement to Palmyra, where he and the other Knights of Plague killed the residents of the city, including Eegan Grover. Returning to the Dark Flame's headquarters, KM-29 encountered KM-15, who had defected from the Knights of Meyer and had helped Eegan's children escape. KM-29 fought against KM-15, who wielded a riot baton much like that of KM-29. KM-29 gained the upper hand against KM-15 in single combat and struck a blow against the defector, incapacitating him. KM-15 was then taken to the Dark Flame, where he was killed.

It is unknown what happened to KM-29 after his fight with KM-15, though if he survived the Shadow Wars, it is likely he was killed or imprisoned.

Personality and TraitsEdit

KM-29 was a loyal soldier in the Knights of Meyer, so much so that he directly accused KM-15, a former ally and friend of his, of being a traitor for defecting from the Knight of Meyer ranks.

Behind the ScenesEdit

KM-29 was first introduced in D. Isaac Thomas' array of codes and unlockables. He will appear in The X-Adults: Endgame: The Inferno Relit.


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