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Script error Joseph was a male police officer. Discovered early in his life, Joseph peacefully resolved several disputes between important cities. Despite this, Joseph was known to strike first and ask questions later. Joseph was also once in charge of training duties at the police station.

Eventually, Joseph ran into the Mystic after he found him fighting off thugs. The Mystic had part of a map that led to the fabled hologram pit, so the group brought the Orb of Power. Joseph soon fought in the assault to destroy the First NoHead Base, a conflict in which Sheriff Missile lost his life at the hands of his brother. After the base was destroyed, Joseph joined Bladepoint in traveling to the Caribbeans, where he found the hologram pit.


Early LifeEdit

Joseph was discovered early in his life, and was taken in by the police for training. After years of training, he became a police officer. As an officer, he peacefully resolved several disputes between important cities with great success, earning a reputation as a skilled negotiator. Despite being trained, Joseph was known to strike first and ask questions later. Joseph also joined Jean sometimes in the libraries in the police station. Joseph was also once in charge of training duties at the police station.

At one point, Sheriff Missile taught Joseph how to fly the Pummeller. He also told Joseph his real name, Gabriel Peterson.

First NoHead WarEdit

Battle of EdgewaterEdit

Eventually, Joseph was with Jean and Bladepoint when he ran into the Mystic after he found him fighting off thugs. The Mystic had part of a map that led to the fabled hologram pit, built approximately a millennium ago, so the group brought the Orb of Power with them.

Joseph accompanied Sheriff Missile, Bladepoint, Jean, and the Mystic to meet with Max. After the NoHeads were tipped off that the Mystic was with them, they attacked Max’s hotel. During the fighting at the castle, despite killing multiple robots, Joseph was captured by the NoHeads along with Jean and Sheriff Missile. However, the police had also been tipped off, and police P-80 skyfighters led by Saul Cameron arrived to fight the NoHeads. A fierce dogfight ensued and resulted in the destruction of many robotic fighters and the deaths of many robots from P-80 strafing runs. After Mr. Stupid NoHead ordered the NoHeads to pull out, saying they had what they came for, the remaining NoHead troops boarded their ships and retreated, while the battle raged on above the hotel. Despite the NoHeads being driven off, Jean witnessed Mr. Stupid NoHead carrying an unconscious Bladepoint away and alerted Joseph and Sheriff Missile. The remaining Pummeller crew then rendezvoused with the police at their home base. There Joseph’s wounds were treated by a medical robot.

Battle of the First NoHead BaseEdit

As the NoHead Base prepared to wipe out the police station, the police planned an attack of their own. Jean had given them the Base’s blueprints, which revealed a critical weak point — a thermal oscillator — that, if destroyed, would eliminate the Base. However, they would need to do it before the base fully charged its weapon.

Sheriff Missile piloted the Pummeller to the NoHead Base accompanied by Joseph and Jean. Their objective was to disable the shields and allow the P-80 squadron to strike, although Jean’s main objective was to rescue Bladepoint. Flying through the shields at lightspeed, the Falcon landed roughly on the edge of a cliff. Joseph, Sheriff Missile, and Jean snuck into the main base and Joseph smashed RC-2 to the ground. From there, the team captured the robot and forced him to disable the shields before Jean killed him. They reunited with Bladepoint, who had already escaped on his own. Joseph insisted thar it was Jean’s idea to locate and rescue him. With the shields down, Blue Squadron and Red Squadron led by Saul Cameron commenced their assault. They fired on the base’s weakpoint, but failed to destroy it as the NoHeads sent N-54 fighters to stage a counterattack and throw the police into chaos.

Seeing this, Joseph, Sheriff Missile, Jean, and Bladepoint tried creating an opening by planting bombs inside the base. Sheriff Missile then confronted his brother, Mr. Ghastly NoHead, named Noah Peterson at birth, on a bridge over a large pit, pleading with his brother to reject the dark side. Noah, removing his mask and seeming almost regretful, drew his sword and asked for his brother’s help, in which Missile replied that he would do anything for him. Noah then thrust his weapon through Missile’s chest. Witnessed by Joseph, Bladepoint, and Jean, Missile fell to his death. Screaming in fury, Joseph fired on Ghastly with his gun, while Jean and Bladepoint also fired on Ghastly and the surrounding robot soldiers. Joseph managed to land a hit on Mr. Ghastly NoHead’s waist with his gun, injuring him, but Mr. Stupid NoHead arrived to intervene. Seeing him, Joseph detonated the bombs, allowing Saul to fly in and destroy the base’s weak point thirty seconds before it drained the telephone wires to charge the superweapon. This caused a chain reaction to go off, which destroyed the base and leveled the entire city’s terrain.

Following the confrontation with Mr. Stupid NoHead, who was separated from Bladepoint and Jean, Joseph arrived with the Pummeller to rescue his fellow officers, though Jean was severely wounded by NoHead. They and the remainder of the police fleet managed to escape the NoHead Base as it erupted into a ball of fire, and entered hyperspace to return to the police station.

On the runEdit

The police celebrated their victory while Alice, Joseph, and Bladepoint mourned Sheriff Missile’s death. Ray suddenly burst in and revealed that he held the map to the hologram pit’s location. Together they completed the map and revealed the location of the hologram pit was hidden. Using this, Joseph and Bladepoint, who had just been appointed the Sheriff, flew aboard the Pummeller to the Caribbeans, where the hologram pit was hidden.

During the war and in efforts to round up NoHeads after its conclusion, officers were granted the power to execute innocents if they were in the way; as such, Joseph killed some of the NoHeads (including Mrs. Disturbing NoHead) although he never killed if it could be avoided. During said battle, his nose was blasted off.

Destruction of the PoliceEdit

In 1994, Mr. Stupid NoHead slaughtered the new police, apparently destroying everything Joseph had stood for. Joseph vanished into exile along with Sheriff Bladepoint, who felt responsible for what happened, and the other survivors of the purge. There, Bladepoint set out to begin training a new generation of police, passing on everything he had learned in his own training. Joseph initially seemed to have a crush on Alice, one such recruit, which Alice was very annoyed. Joseph and his comrades were kept up on their training by Bladepoint. In time, the police returned to strength and efficient numbers. Joseph remained hidden in the police station with the others, waiting until the time was right to make their move.

Battle of the Second NoHead BaseEdit

In 2006, Joseph participated in the meeting of 2010, in which Sheriff Bladepoint revealed that the time had come to reveal their existence to the NoHeads. As Joseph and the others discussed, the building was protected from any external attacks by a surrounding energy shield being projected from the forest just outside Rochester. It would have to be disabled before any forces could act. Joseph chose to join the commando squad led by Bladepoint himself, which would land in the forest and disable the base’s deflector shield projector. This would allow a police fleet to attack and deactivate the Second NoHead Base. The team was dispatched down to the surface of the forest of Rochester, in order to disable the shield.

Roxanne took Bladepoint and their fellow police The morning after, when the police awoke, they found the village nearly deserted, as those who were able to fight had left to prepare the battlefield under their leader. A few forest dwellers remained there to help them find the easiest way to the rendezvous point, where Bladepoint went to a bit of high ground to get a first look at the military base and shield generator that he had promised to destroy. Upon finding how heavily guarded the main entrance was, the dwellers showed Sheriff Bladepoint to an alternate entrance, guarded only by a few robot soldiers.

Upon arriving, they advanced through the forest and encountered Imperial scouts, to whom Ray accidentally revealed their position. Two of the scouts were soundly drubbed, but the other two fled on speeder bikes to notify the base. They were stopped by Roxanne and Bladepoint, who were separated, prompting Joseph, Tyson, Ray, and Bladepoint to search for her while the rest of the police team made their way to the generator, to rendezvous with them the next morning.

During their search, Joseph accidentally tripped upon a booby trap, and while it was not activated properly, it was still sprung, and the entire group was ensnared, only their capture by native forest monks. Joseph was forced to surrender his gun only to be tied to a large pole, and the group was transported to the central stake to be burned. However, Roxanne was fluent in their language, and she managed to trick them into thinking that Bladepoint has unleashed his powers by causing a torrent of energy with one of her gadgets. This prompted the monks to release them at once. Later that night, after Roxanne retold the events of the First NoHead War, the Chief declared them all part of their tribe, with one giving Joseph an enthusiastic hug.

With the tribe’s help, they reached the shield generator the next morning, with Ateanch telling them of a secret door at the back of the facility. Joseph accompanied the others and successfully entered the Imperial base. However, Mr. Crooked NoHead was aware of their plans, as were the Imperial stationed at the forest, who swiftly captured them as the assault against the Second NoHead Base began nearby. A surprise attack by the forest monks, however, scattered the Imperial troops, distracting them long enough for Roxanne and Sheriff Bladepoint to take positions at the base’s door, and for Joseph to steal an AT-BH with two monks. With the walker under control, they reached the generator’s back entrance, where Sheriff Bladepoint was able to trick the generator’s personnel into opening the door.

Instead, the police forces, Joseph among them, stormed the bunker, detonating explosive charges and disabling the shield generator at last, allowing Zett, Alice, and Antilles to deactivate the Second NoHead Base above. Joseph looked to the sky and cheered as he witnessed the final destruction of the battle station and, later that night, he celebrated outside the police station over a bonfire; Joseph danced in triumph along with his friends, old and new.

Giant colony Edit

During the summer of 2007 Sheriff Bladepoint sent Joseph and Layla as envoys to the giant colonies to convince them to not support the NoHeads in the coming of war. However, the NoHeads that Mr. Stupid NoHead had sent on the same mission engineered an uprising. This uprising was led by the giant Golgomath, who beheaded Garkar and usurped his position. Golgomath then ordered his subordinates to attack Joseph and Layla and forced them to flee. Joseph subsequently found that his mother had died years ago, and the existence of his sister Joanna, who he insisted on bringing back to the police station. Joanna, however, was highly resistant to the idea and had a general tendency to be violent. Thus Joseph and Joanna made the journey back to New York separately from Layla.[1]

Battle of Superhero School Edit

During the Battle of Superhero School, Joseph and Roan Kendels teamed up, only for the latter to be brought down. Furious, Joseph smashed the officer into a wall. Soon after, Joseph witnessed Sheriff Bladepoint defeat Mr. Stupid NoHead, and survived the battle without serious injury. Afterwards, he was reunited with Layla, who put it to Joseph that she was a half-breed. He was right, of course, but she was not inclined to concede such a point, and, for a while, avoided his company. However, Zett noticed that she did attempt to re-initiate contact with Joseph while he dug in his garden. Apparently, Joseph did not warmly greet her and she turned away.


Two years later, Paige rallied the police to ambush and massacre the NoHeads in their home. Joseph joined the mission eagerly, and he joined Paige when she took a small group of policemen to capture the communication center (leaving others to disperse through the halls). Upon approaching the library, the police informed them that they were on their way to regroup with Paige. Paige then ordered the police to go and destroy their ships to ensure none escaped, an order Joseph complied with.

After Joseph and the police were finished with their mission, they located Paige and prepared to leave. However, upon her arrival, Mr. Stupid NoHead telekinetically closed the doors of the bunker, trapping the police within. Engaging in a rampant killing spree, NoHead destroyed the police. Joseph met his end after NoHead hurled him through a wormhole directly into the lava within the City Volcano.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Joseph was very muscular, and he had blonde, frizzled hair. Due to injuries from his long career as a police officer, a chunk of his nose was missing. He was described as having a growling voice.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Known for his great strength, bravery and loyalty, Joseph often served as Sheriff Missile’s conscience in their endeavors, which made people trust him just as much as they did Missile. However, he was also known for his stubbornness and dislike of losing. He would also show no qualms about using violence as a means to achieve his goals, but he certainly never killed without a good reason.

As an officer, Joseph knew passion and stood with them from the beginning. Few people knew that he had a soft heart under his warrior exterior. Sometimes, when he was bored, he would “mess around” with the Pummeller’s navigation system.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Besides his characteristic strength, Joseph possessed exceptional skills in piloting as well as mechanic repairs, from his experience of piloting the Pummeller, of which he had a great understanding of the temperamental nature of its systems. Although not particularly meticulous, Joseph’s technical skill allowed him to understand the inner workings of a great number of devices, including robots and transmitters, being able to build one out of a wrecked plane.

Like many of his family members, Joseph preferred to use his own handcrafted gun as his personal weapon. This proved he was proficient in designing and manufacturing them, and created several over time. The latest known gun that he crafted was during the Imperial era. It was an unconventional design, as he had used the frame and power pack of a F-7 robot gun.

Due to Joseph’s work in the police and his skills at negotiating and making great connections within the community, especially with creatures of great pride such as the centaurs, he has great ability to make allies. Dumbledore specially chose Joseph for this skill to be an envoy to the giants during the summer of 2007. Despite his lack of success due to the NoHeads’ interference and Golgomath’s usurpation of the current Gurg, Karkus, Joseph had great initial strides with the giant colony, showing his impressive social aptitude with creatures and beings of all levels of sapience and intellect.



Like many of his family members, Joseph preferred to use his own handcrafted gun as his personal weapon. He created several of them over time. The latest known gun that he crafted was during the Imperial era. It was an unconventional design, as he had used the frame and power pack of a F-7 robot gun.


Sheriff MissileEdit

Sheriff Missile had a lot of trust in Joseph. This was such that Missile taught Joseph how to fly the Pummeller. He also told Joseph his real name, Eli Peterson.

Layla Edit

Joseph seemed to have a good relationship with Layla. Though the two had a minor falling-out when Joseph implied (correctly) that Layla was part Falmala, they eventually reconciled and travelled together to appeal to the giants of the Northern colonies and dissuade them from joining forces with Mr. Stupid NoHead. The current status of their relationship is unknown, but they likely remained good friends.


Notes and References Edit

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