Script error John (1999 - 2042) was a mutant and one of the earliest Knights of Plague of the Gladiator, having joined in 2005. He fought in the S.M.S.B.-Knights of Plague conflict. He never became married. John fought at several battles against Master Intelligence, including the Battle of Transylvania. After the aforementioned battle, he was presumably killed or imprisoned in Beta Prison.


Early LifeEdit

John was born in 1999 to two mutants who both were rejected by the NoHeads. John began attending Superhero School at the age of seven. He might have been a classmate of Roger Black, as well as a member of Jamboga Pine's gang. While part of the student body, he seems to have become a friend of Principal Supermaul, and as such was likely part of the Saunders Club, although the professor denied this connection in later years, after John was revealed to have become one of the first Knights of Plague.

S.M.S.B.-Knights of Plague ConflictEdit

"Leave John, leave him I say, his injuries are impertinent compared to the loss of that orb!"
―The Gladiator[src]

John was able to avoid being sent to Beta Prison after the Gladiator's disappearance. It is unknown what happened to him while the Gladiator was gone, though he was welcomed back when the Gladiator broke everyone out of Beta Prison and John was summoned to Transylvania Quarters, along with Eve.

Battle of Transylvania Edit

The following year, John participated in the Battle of Transylvania. He grabbed hold of Master Intelligence's arm as he and his friends fled the Hall of Domination, but was stunned by Andromeda, leaving him incapacitated. He woke up just in time to flee the collapsing shelves. Not knowing this, the Gladiator ordered the other Knights of Plague to leave John behind, stating that his injuries were nothing compared to the loss of the particular orb which he sought. John was likely killed in the battle, and if he was not, he was likely imprisoned in Beta Prison.

Personality and TraitsEdit

It has not been determined whether he worked as a Knight of Plague for their prejudiced beliefs, or to carry on the legacy of his parents, who were denied ranks in the Knights' precursors, the NoHeads.


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