"..; Soresu answered by Jar-sa."
―Mr. Stupid NoHead comments an application of Jar-sa by Rotta Hecks during a sparring match[src]
Rotta 2

Rotta Hecks, the only known practitioner of Jar-sa.

Jar-sa was a form of sword combat which Mr. Stupid NoHead taught Rotta Hecks and her NC-1400 bodyguards. Like Sokaa, Jar-sa was not part of the classic combat forms of the S.M.S.B., but its sword moves and ideals are akin to those of Form VI.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Next to nothing is known about Jar-sa. When Rotta trained with her guards in "Maze of Darkness", it was the only time Jar-sa was mentioned: that NoHead observed they used Jar-sa to answer a Soresu move.


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