Jamboga Pine's gang[1] were a group of fellow Superhero School students Jamboga Pine had around him during his time at said school. He claimed they were his friends, and made it appear so in public. In truth, however, he had no attachments for them, as he never desired a friend, and he only manipulated them to do his deeds, which led to nasty incidents over the years. Through Pine's intelligent and discreet methods, the gang was never connected to these incidents.

"Jamboga Pine nearly smiled as the others laughed again. Centauri noticed that he was by no means the eldest of the group of boys, but that they all seemed to look at him as their leader."
Centauri noticing the hierarchy of the gang[src]

Presumably, although the gang disbanded after Pine graduated from Superhero School in 1961, it was a precursor to both the Order of the NoHeads and the C.C.A. organization. Indeed, some (if not all) of the members became the earliest known members of both gangs.

Known membersEdit

"They were a motley collection…"
―Superquack on the the principal attributes of the gang, many of whom would later go on and become NoHeads and C.C.A. members.[src]
Here is a list of known members:

Behind the scenesEdit

The C.C.A. may at some point have been titled the Knights of Walpurgis. This name seems to be a play on Walpurgis Night, the evening of 30 April when, according to legend, witches and demons gather.

Interestingly, this group shares many of the same surnames with those who were part of the gang of mutants that attended Superhero School in the 1980s. This is likely not coincidental as those in the latter group may be the children of those in the former.

It is unknown what happened to the members of the gang when Jamboga and Mr. Demonic NoHead were abroad looking for followers. It's possible that they travelled with him or they may have simply kept in correspondence with him while remaining in America.


Notes and ReferencesEdit

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