The Invasion of the Town Hall was an invasion launched by the Gladiator, Becca Smith, and Monroe, to prevent Alicia from having their base, Transylvania Quarters, torn down.


At one point, the Gladiator learned that a woman named Alicia had conspired to having Transylvania Quarters torn down. Feeling threatened by this, the Gladiator sent Monroe to stop her from sending in the message. However, Monroe failed to capture her, and Alicia was able to leave her house and proceed to the Town Hall. Monroe Apparated to Transylvania Quarters and reported his failure. The Gladiator told him he would be punished later, before offering Becca the chance to go with him. Becca agreed, and she and the Gladiator went to the Town Hall. Together, they invaded the Town Hall, and killed at least two individuals before locating Alicia. Before Alicia could send the message, Becca and the Gladiator successfully captured her.


The X-Adults: Endgame - Part 1 (Mentioned only)