The Invasion of Manhattan was an attack led by the NoHeads in 1993, during the First NoHead War. Along with the Assault on the First NoHead Base, it ultimately led to the war turning tide to the favor of the police until their ultimate destruction.


The EventEdit

During the First NoHead War, Mr. Crooked NoHead made use of his alliance with the Giants and werewolves. Finally, the NoHeads invaded Manhattan Island, an attack that was fronted by Giants that supported the NoHead cause. Government soldiers fought hard to maintain resistance during the invasion. Many lost their lives and entire tribes of Giants were wiped out. Finally, the beasts retreated and went into hiding.


After the Giants’ defeat, the tide of the war began to turn. Mr. Horrendous NoHead and his girlfriend, Ms. Disturbing NoHead, met their ends at the hands of police officers, now given permission by the government per an edict from the office of Katie Black to employ murder against bystanders if the situation called for it. Many townspeople also met their ends while bravely trying to face NoHeads, such as the father of Roxanne.

Eventually, Mr. Odious NoHead defected from the NoHead cause, and finally fled to Oceania in fear for his life.