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Hiram: "That's the biggest noil I've ever seen!"
Lily Clark: "I know, right? What to do?"
— Lily Clark and Hiram get their first glimpse of the noil[src]

Hiram (b. 1917) was a male Fobble who lived near Matt Clark. [1]

Biography Edit

Hiram was born in 1917, during the height of the First World War. His son, who had befriended Matt, went hiking in the forest in 1944. However, his son was killed by a noil, along with Matt and their friends.[1]

To deal with his grief, Hiram went on a drive. However, as he was preparing to enter the forest, he encountered Matt's elder sister, Lily Clark. Unbeknownst to Hiram, Lily, who had some snacks and a first aid kit, had gone to avenge the death of her brother. Hiram claimed he was planning to strafe the forest and return to the city in two hours. Seeing her chance for vengeance, Lily asked if she could join him. Hiram agreed, and let her into the passenger seat. Together, they entered the forest, where Hiram was quite impressed by Lily's knowledge of the trees. Finally, Hiram encountered "the largest noil [he] had ever seen", menacing a series of corpses. Out of instinct, Hiram shot it with his gun. This satisfied Lily, who only expressed relief to Hiram. They finished the trip, and Lily ate her snacks.[1]

His fate after he dropped off Lily is unknown.[1]

Etymology Edit

The name "Hiram" is probably of Phoenician origin, though it could be from Hebrew meaning "exalted brother". A famous bearer was a king of Tyre in the Old Testament. As an English given name, Hiram came into use after the Protestant Reformation. In the 17th century the Puritans brought it to America, where it gained some currency.

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