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Harry (d. 1837) was a male cortosis miner in the Arizona desert during the decades leading up to the First NoHead War and a direct descendant of Lady Xamera. Harry's wife died giving birth to their son, Darren, which led to Harry resenting his son and blaming him for his life's problems, specifically the death of his wife and being stuck working in the desert. Harry gave Darren the nickname "Demonic" and often beat his son. In 1856, Harry died of a massive heart attack that was unknowingly caused by Darren through the Force. Eventually, his son went on to become the NoHead Grandmaster, Mr. Demonic NoHead.

Later on, as a NoHead, Mr. Demonic NoHead realized that he unknowingly caused Harry's death with the Dark side.

Personality and traitsEdit

Harry greatly resented his son Darren, blaming him for his wife's death in childbirth and most of his life's problems, such as being stuck working in the Arizona desert. He drank heavily and was a gambler, and often beat Darren while drunk. Harry incited great anger in his son due to the beatings and him giving Darren the moniker "Demonic," which led to his death when Darren killed him with the Dark side.