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Lord Gorn was the Master of the Knights of Metta and a great threat to the world. At the height of his power, he was killed by his own apprentice in a legendary duel.

Biography Edit

Gorn was the Master of the Legions of Metta for centuries. He succeeded Lord Yarem, who had been killed by police officers. The extent of Gorn's success is unclear, but his activities gardened worldly attention, as Baby Intelligence had a newspaper article on attacks in Australia. Centuries before the 1970s, Lord Gorn sensed that a powerful mutant would be born that would perpetuate the Legions of Metta. This would turn out to be Mr. Stupid NoHead, but the prophecy was inaccurate. NoHead would join the NoHeads and his death would see the third major step to their ultimate demise (the first was the NoHead Purge).

Gorn also took to recruiting mutants to the Legions of Metta. Perhaps the most prominent people he seduced to the Darkness were Lord Zapora and Mr. Demonic NoHead. Eventually, Mr. Demonic NoHead disappeared from their ranks. In the summer of 1933, Lord Gorn went to Albany in search of him. In the mix, he murdered Roxanne's grandfather when he asked him what he was doing. He then climbed the hill toward the Grant House; where he murdered Thomas and Martha Grant.

Two years later, Zapora turned against him, but he still hesitated to confront Gorn. However, he was finally importuned by people who suffered from his former Master's actions to move against him. In the following duel, Zapora, who was now known as Officer Bullseye, bested Gorn and killed him without pity.

Personality and traits Edit

Gorn was highly intelligent, talented, idealistic, as well as ambitious to the point of ruthlessness, with a vicious temper. Some considered Gorn the most powerful Dark mutant in history, aside from Mr. Stupid NoHead and eventually the Dark Flame. Of course, history is very long indeed, and the most recent parts are often best remembered. He was extremely arrogant and self-centered, but able to recognize talent in others and form (or pretend to form) close human connections. Best understood in terms of sociopathy, Gorn was filled with intrinsic manipulative traits and the willingness to use them for his own purposes, as well as a malleable moral compass. Gorn was idealistic to an extreme, and was possibly a mutant supremacist as well as a Fobble-hater. He had absolutely no complaints about the murder of hundreds of innocent people who, from his perspective, were lesser than he. Perhaps due to his great skill and beliefs in his own superiority Gorn rarely displayed fear.

Some consider Gorn to have been an unambiguously evil Dark mutant, more or less a Mr. Stupid NoHead-before-Mr. Stupid NoHead.

Powers and abilities Edit

Lord Gorn was an incredibly talented Dark mutant, showing considerable prowess as a leader and warrior. He could see visions, such as the one of Mr. Stupid NoHead, though his foresight was not always accurate. He was adept at bending people to his will, such as Zapora and Mr. Demonic NoHead. He was able to cast all four illegal powers with deadly efficiency. Gorn terrorized hundreds, only being defeated by his former disciple, Lord Zapora. Zapora later remarked that Gorn's downfall was because he was "just a shade weaker".

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