Script error George Thames I was a blacksmith who came from a long line of blacksmiths who had long operated in Merchant Alley, and the father of George Thames II.


Early Life Edit

George Thames I was born sometime between the twentieth century and 2012 (certainly before 2013, as that's the year that his son was born in) in the United States of America. He was born into the Thames family, who had been manufacturing swords for centuries. Next to nothing is known about his childhood, but it is inclined George and his parents lived in New York City and George remained there. During the course of his career as a blacksmith, George Thames I became an expert in weapon lore and supplied many mutants and Muggles with reliable weapons. In 2013, he gave birth to a son, who he named after himself, during the height of the First NoHead War.

Between the Wars Edit

Four years later, Charity Hirz did an experiment of her powers upon her return to the t and i Factory, only to realize they were draining. Soon after, Thames I was located and tortured by Charity for information regarding her sudden superpower drain and where the lightning cuffs were. Held against a wall at bladepoint, George finally told her that if she needed the lightning cuffs, they were with Reba Silo Walltalker, since the latter had stolen them from Lerner Chanse. He had no answer to give concerning Hirz’s sudden lack of powers, as he had never witnessed such an event. Charity smashed him into a wall and left, more determined than ever to achieve her mission. Thames I would find out soon after that two of the three lightning cuffs were destroyed, and the third’s location remained a mystery.

In 2020, George Thames II located a snake named Nagatha in the cellar of the Fourth NoHead Base, as the security had been highly decreased after the death of Mr. Stupid NoHead. He was not aware who the snake was, nor that Baby Intelligence had locked her there. It is unknown if any words were exchanged, but Thames helped her escape the cellar and adopted the serpent.

Nagatha realized that the NoHeads were gone, and decided that if she must go she would go the way of any snake pet. At some point, Muggle Myra Gordon stumbled upon Nagatha at Thames' house. In 2031, Gordon was tortured by Whammo Fireball and the Lunch Money Bandit, as the offenders intended to find Nagatha's whereabouts. Hell Burnbottom uncovered that George Thames had adopted Nagatha, and they went to Thames Metalle, where Thames was working with Nagatha by his side. Here, Hell Burnbottom’s ghost placed another short-term memory wipe on George and freed Nagatha.


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