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"This savage machine which you have built, upon which we stand will bring an end to the government, to their cherished freedom fighters. All remaining citizens will remember this as the final hour of their enemies, their thread of hope, and will bow down to the Knights of Plague!"
―George to the members of Transylvania Quarters before the destruction of the old police station[src]

George was a military officer who served in the High Command the Knights of Plague. He was born in Rhode Island and was rumored to have been sired from an affair between his father, Commandant Bronton of the Rhode Island Academy, and a kitchen worker. George and his father, whose ruthless training methods at the Rhode Island Academy inspired those of the future George, were rescued from the Rhode Island Academy when it was about to fall to the government near the end of the Second NoHead War. When the war ended with the Duel in the Bench Store, the young George and his father were part of the forces who retreated into the Unknown Countries. These forces later emerged as the Knights of Plague. The government believed that the Knights of Plague were just another unimportant band of NoHead holdouts, but George’s training methods forged a formidable military. He also longed to use the Transylvania weapon against the government.

As a general in said group, he also commanded the Transylvania Quarters superweapon and led missions of vital importance in the NoHead-inspired regime. To eliminate the police, the Gladiator allowed George to use the Transylvania weapon against the old police station. After being wounded during the Battle of Transylvania, and losing his cause entirely, George gravitated towards Thomas Meyer and joined the Knights of Meyer. In this group, he was a leading advocate of the harsh training methods employed to foster absolute obedience amongst its military. During this time, he served alongside the Dark Flame himself. In 2104, George was part of a mission to recover and destroy the Map of Light. The Dark Flame led the search for the Map, which they were unable to locate. In 2160, the Dark Flame was defeated by Sebiscuits Cardarphen. Without him, the Knights of Meyer became confused and lost, and everything immediately went wrong. As for George, he died out when a group of bombers destroyed their headquarters.


Early lifeEdit

George was born during the last days of the First NoHead War, and was the illegitimate son of Bronton, a Commandant for the Imperial Academy in Rhode Island, of whom it was rumored had an illicit affair with a kitchen woman that sired George. While growing up, George heard stories of great NoHeads, and ultimately came to believe that it was his destiny to rule the world as dictator.

Joining the GladiatorEdit

When the NoHeads were destroyed, George, and many others believed that the government was weak and would never live up to the supreme power of the NoHead Empire. So George, and other mutants including Roger Black and Bronton, fled to the Unknown Countries, where they would create the Knights of Plague, a military and political junta that rose from the ashes of the fallen NoHeads and followed its brutal ideology. The government believed that the Knights of Plague were just another unimportant band of NoHead holdouts, but George’s training methods forged a formidable military. Through both terror and skill, George achieved military superiority throughout the Knights, eventually gaining the rank of General from the Gladiator, as Black was now called.

As General, George had complete confidence in his fellow Knights, training methods and weapons. He was specifically close to Nolan Giles. He was also on unfriendly terms with Eve, due to their clashing personalities.


After the disappearance of the Gladiator in 2026, George was captured and sent to Beta Prison for his crimes. George then spent the next 11 years in his maximum security cell. His cell was close to that of Becca Smith’s. Later on, George would be freed after the Gladiator Apparated to Beta Prison and blew open the entire third floor, releasing several mutants as well. George was still very loyal to the Gladiator.

Return to serviceEdit

After the breakout, George returned as a military general. For his intelligence, efficiency, and cruelty, the Gladiator made him third-in-command of the Knights of Plague and keeper of Transylvania Quarters’ superweapon, which was capable of destroying entire countries. Although Becca Smith had direct access to the Base’s superweapon and could command military officers, she existed outside of the official military command structure. This led to some tension with George and the Knights’ other upper ranks, who contended with her despite being wary that her agenda trumped military objectives. It was George for whom this tension was particularly palpable. George was a man of science and had little understanding of Becca’s mystical ways. Becca, likewise, had little regard for George as a warrior; George’s military experience was mostly theoretical and based on simulated by nonetheless respected battlefield scenarios. Both vied for the attention of the Gladiator.

Second Cold War Edit

Destruction of the Police StationEdit

The Gladiator: "The battle is imminent. I will be personally accompanying you to the..."
George: "Sir, I take complete - I mean, it’s not - m-my fau - I mean, in perfect measure, e-every..."
The Gladiator: "The Gladiator"
— SILENCE! This turn of events will ensure our victory. I will be present at the fight.[src]

After the Gladiator lured Lindsay Kellerman to Transylvania Quarters, George and Becca Smith returned to Transylvania Quarters, where they spoke to a hologram of the Gladiator. George humbly took full responsibility for his failure, but the Supreme Leader interrupted him, declaring that their strategy had to change now that the entire S.M.S.B. would arrive soon. George suggested testing the superweapon and destroy the old police station, leaving their enemies vulnerable. After receiving authorization for the undertaking, George then assembled the Knights of Plague and gave a grand speech, proclaiming that the destruction of the police would be the beginning of the Knights of Plague’s rise to power in the world. At his signal, the base’s weapon fired and destroyed the station, wiping away their sanctum.

Battle of TransylvaniaEdit

The Gladiator: "All we want, is that orb."
Master Intelligence: "Do anything to us and I’ll cut it apart."
— The Gladiator and Master Intelligence, right before the battle commences[src]

Shortly afterwards, George fought in the Battle of Transylvania. He stood by Becca’s side (albeit reluctantly) as the Gladiator attempted to coarse Master Intelligence into giving them the Orb of Power. Just then, on Master Intelligence’s signal, the S.M.S.B. members all attacked the Knights of Plague briefly before sprinting away. The six members were then separated. Quickly realized Andromeda was a threat because of her powers, George Apparated to her position with several others beside him, causing her to panic. Whilst running, Lindsay and Andromeda both fired at the Knights, but George deflected the attacks personally. Master Intelligence, Lindsay, and Andromeda fled to the edge of the shelf, only for George and Wallace Blanks to intercept them. Sebiscuits, however, intervened and blasted them away. He was accompanied by Andromeda, and was immediately joined by Telekinibabe. Seeing everyone was in place, Master Intelligence telekinetically smashed the shelves, distracting the Knights of Plague so they could flee. Master Intelligence ordered everyone into the adjoining Time Chamber, though George and the others were on their tail, breaking through the locked door and following them into the Death Chamber.

While the members regrouped, George swooped down and attacked, capturing and tying Sebiscuits. The other Knights of Plague were doing the same. As the others struggled, the Gladiator stepped up to Lindsay Kellerman and told her she had two choices: to hand over the orb, or watch the others die. When Lindsay gave in, the Gladiator pocketed it and proceeded to reveal the electric bomb the members were after. However, Baby Strength and Red X both got free and Red X sacrificed herself to stop the bomb from destroying the entire continent. Meanwhile, Baby Strength freed the others, and they reclaimed their weapons. As the battle resumed, George finally accompanied Becca for the first time, in preventing the escape of Andromeda and Sebiscuits. As Becca engaged Sebiscuits, George began dueling Andromeda with his sword. At the same time, the Gladiator slipped and fell, and the orb fell out of his hand and broke.

After Andromeda fell to enemy fire, an infuriated Force Baby proceeded to shoot down several unsuspecting Knights. George turned to Cardarphen and the two began to duel. As Sebiscuits turned to resume combat with Becca, Force Baby turned and used a spell to disarm George before hurling him off the platform and into the abyss. Shortly afterwards, the S.M.S.B. departed victorious, leaving George wounded but alive in the mansion. Fortunately, he managed to locate Caberra, who was able to heal him. After his survival was exposed, George was detained in Negagard, a prison built by the Gladiator himself.

= Negagard escape Edit

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Shadow WarsEdit

Eventually, George joined the Knights of Meyer in 2076 and was later promoted to the rank of General. As General, he had complete confidence in his troops, training methods and weapons. His soldiers, who were often trained on capital ships, underwent vivid simulations to create the most loyal soldiers for the Knights of Meyer. This system was an extension of the ideas of his father’s Commandant’s Cadets, from the Rhode Island Academy. George was the general who commanded the Dark Flame's headquarters, as well as the Resurgent-class cruiser Defilement and answered to the Dark Flame.

Hunt for the Map of Light Edit

Deeming the destruction of the Map of Light necessary to crush the light side, George was given the directive. To that end, the Defilement traveled to Palmyra and dispatched a bridge of Knights of Meyer to attack said city, where the Dark Flame captured Jason Grover, who already acquired and hid the Map of Light. After the Dark Flame interrogated Jason, he informed George that the prisoner had entrusted the Map to his sisters, Britney and Sue Grover. George dispatched Knights of Meyer back to search for it and posted a bounty on the girls.

Subsequently, Jason was freed by a Knight of Meyer and the pair attempted to escape on a skyfighter, disabling the Defilement’s turbolasers. George ordered the ventral cannons to shoot down the fighter, but this backfired and Jason was returned safely to his family. Upon informing the Dark Flame of the incident, the dark mutant deduced that the traitorous Knight was KM-15. George checked with Captain Photon, who noted that this was KM-15’s first offense.

Several months after the sacking of Palmyra, Captain Photon was able to indicate the location of the MBH. The ensuing battle was initially intended as the Knights of Meyer raiding on the MBH. George led the attack alongside Photon until the Dark Flame Apparated into the front of the pack and took over. However, the S.M.S.B. had already returned from Asia and they were waiting for the assault. The Dark Flame sensed this, but he was ultimately unconcerned; he believed this would be a day long remembered. As the members of the S.M.S.B. prepared to hold off the Dark Flame, George and all the other Knights followed Photon in launching attacks on the MBH. Master Intelligence activated the shield generator and everyone came outside. The Dark Flame called off the attack now that he had everyone where he needed them. George called off the troops and everyone left together.[3]

Alaska Edit

The Dark Flame dispatched George to the icy state of Alaska to investigate the disappearance of a faction of the Knights of Meyer, which had vanished alongside some government-related force that it had been battling. The general and his squad of twelve were initially unable to find it and reported back to the Dark Flame, who ordered George to continue searching, as a loss of this magnitude was unaffordable for the Knights of Meyer. As the general continued to search for the vanished army, he and his squad were ambushed by the government unit Excava Company, which was also there to investigate the disappearance of the government forces. Led by Commander Urvus, the government detachment eliminated George's Knights and forced the mutant to flee.[citation needed]


After a number of years terrorizing both America and Canada, the Dark Flame was defeated by Sebiscuits. Without the Dark Flame, the Knights of Meyer became confused and lost. After the battle, everything immediately went wrong for them. As for George, he died out when a group of bombers destroyed their headquarters. This fate was shared by hundreds of troops. The few survivors would be arrested by their enemies and imprisoned in Negagard.

Personality and traitsEdit

An ambitious individual, George longs to reveal the full power of the Knights of Plague’s military to the world, but is held back by those defiant to the Order and the superior might of his peers. Although he is dedicated to the Knights of Plague, he has a rivalry with Becca Smith, and constantly vied with Becca for the Gladiator’s attention. The reason for this in part was due to the fact that Becca’s agenda trumped the general’s own. Thus, he never let slip a chance to humiliate Becca in front of the Gladiator. Unlike his rival, George is more precise and tactical in his methods, and collected in commanding his Knight of Plague subordinates. George is a man of science and additionally he believed his program of training Knights of Meyer in later years from infancy was nearly flawless. He also took great pride in the use of Transylvania Quarters and the Dark Flame’s fortress upon his enemies, and was supremely confidant in its abilities.

He is as indifferent to others as Becca Smith and even Mr. Stupid NoHead to the extent where he is very willing to kill hundreds of millions of innocent lives to assert the Knights of Plague’s power.


The GladiatorEdit

From the very beginning, George followed the Gladiator, fighting as the upper echelon of his army. The Gladiator was very impressed with George’s skills, even to the extent of making him third-in-command of the Knights of Plague. However, even from George, the Gladiator did not take kindly to failure or disloyalty. Despite George claiming to be close to the Gladiator, the Dark Lord saw him as little more than a dispensable servant. Notably, he was one of the few Knights of Plague in whom the Gladiator appeared to place any amount of genuine trust.

Becca SmithEdit

George felt a lot of tension and emnity towards Becca Smith, the only Knight of Plague higher than him (of course, besides the Gladiator). Although Becca had a lot of power, she existed outside of the official military command structure. Despite being wary that her agenda trumped military objectives, George still contended with her. George was a man of science and had little understanding of Becca’s mystical ways. Becca, likewise, had little regard for George as a warrior; George’s military experience was mostly theoretical and based on simulated by nonetheless respected battlefield scenarios. Both vied for the attention of the Gladiator.

The Dark FlameEdit

After being wounded during the Battle of Transylvania, and losing his cause entirely, George gravitated towards Thomas Meyer and joined the Knights of Meyer. In this group, he was a leading advocate of the harsh training methods employed amongst its military. During this time, he served alongside the Dark Flame (who was Thomas) himself and carried out several vital missions, such as the Attack on Palmyra.

Behind the scenesEdit


The character of George was created for the 2018 book The X-Adults: Endgame: The Latest Threat. While developing George’s character, D. Isaac Thomas posited that he was an obsessive character who does not get a lot of sleep. He created his look with that in mind: pale with dark eyes, and dead-set on his goals. He has called George a merciless character, one who enjoys having authority and holding onto it at all costs. D. Isaac Thomas was delighted that George’s development allowed him to explore the notion of authority.

George's speechEdit

Recently, D. Isaac Thomas said he had “just come back from work on the book [...] I’m a bit bushed, having just drawn out several different versions of a scene where George addresses the troops of the Knights of Plague. I hoped to try it at various levels of intensity. Ultimately, I wanted it big. I believe it was George’s major moment in the book.”


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Notes and references Edit

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