Francis is an editor and the father of Sebiscuits. He is also a Duffle.

Biography Edit

Francis was born to Duffle parents. He was a well-qualified individual who held a career in writing. This was presumably how he met his wife, Gentry, who was in the same profession. He eventually married Gentry, living in a house on a street somewhere in New York City. In 2019, they gave birth to a son, who showed powers of pyrokinesis from birth. and Francis agreed with Gentry that they should name him Sebiscuits for it. Like Gentry, Francis seemed proud of Sebiscuits and they both approved of his powers. They were accepting of the S.M.S.B. as well when it was founded two months later, but they did not approve of their son using his powers as a quick-fix. After Sebiscuits joined the S.M.S.B., Francis and Gentry corresponded by sending him letters once a month, and visiting once a year, though Francis had to get Baby Intelligence's permission in order to do this.

In 2048, Francis and Gentry arranged a skiing trip over the Christmas holidays, and Sebiscuits agreed to come with them. However, Sebiscuits told them at the last minute that he wanted to stay at the MBH in order to study hard for the upcoming trials. Francis and his wife were both disappointed, but, because they wanted their son to do well, they understood. Sebiscuits instead ended up going to a graveyard to cheer up Centauri, who had been refusing to speak to any of the other S.M.S.B. members ever since his parents had died four days earlier.

Relationships Edit


Francis seemed proud of his and Gentry's mutant son, even naming him for his powers, which they did approve of. Francis was accepting of the S.M.S.B. as well when it was founded, but did not approve of their son using his powers as a quick-fix. They corresponded by sending letters once a month, and visiting once a year; upon Baby Intelligence’s approval. In 2048, he planned to go skiing with them during the Christmas holidays, but he told his parents that he was unable to go. Because Francis wanted Sebiscuits to do well as a member of the S.M.S.B., he approved it. Francis' relationship with his wife is largely unknown, though they were presumably happy together. They both worked as editors together, and went on holidays together annually. In addition, the two of them appeared to have a shared taste in real estate.

Appearances Edit

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