Flora Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor was a shop that sold ice cream. Located in Edgewater, a town near New York City and the MBH, the Parlor was owned and operated by Flora Fortescue before she disappeared in 2032. 

Description Edit

The Parlor is a small shop with places to sit down inside, and a small area outside with a bunch of tables and chairs. Inside, there can be found a lot of colorful ice-cream on display.

History Edit

In 2022, Lindsay Kellerman spent a lot of time at the Parlor doing her homework while Flora Fortescue helped her and gave her free ice cream every hour. In 2032, Master Intelligence mentioned that Flora had been "dragged off" by the looks of the ice cream parlor. It was later confirmed that she had been abducted by the Elite NoHeads, and eventually killed. It is unknown what became of the Parlor after her death.

Appearances Edit