Flora Fortescue (c. 1981-2032) was the owner of Flora Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor. She was an expert on the subject of medieval times. In the summer of 2032 she was kidnapped and presumably killed by the Elite NoHeads.


"Flora Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor showed evidence of a struggle or fight, but no sign of her was ever found."

Flora was born in or circa 1981. The information on the Sword of Abomination had been passed down through the generations of the Fortescue family and was thus owned by Flora, whose parents had explained it to her at some point in her childhood.

During the summer of 2022, when Lindsay Kellerman stayed in Edgewater for a couple of weeks, Flora gave Lindsay free ice cream sundaes every hour and helped her complete her homework on the medieval times which may mean that she did well in her History classes.

In 2032, Flora was forcibly dragged away by Whammo Fireball and the Lunch Money Bandit, leaving her ice cream parlor a mess. Hell Burnbottom had sought information on the Sword of Abomination, information that had been passed down through the generations of the Fortescue family and was thus owned by Flora. Burnbottom never got the information he needed, and Flora was never seen again, so it is likely that she was killed. The reason for her kidnapping did not become public knowledge.

Behind the scenes Edit

Flora was related to Superhero School Principal Ewan Fortescue.


  • "Flora" comes from the Latin flōs (meaning "flower"). Flora was also the name of a Roman fertility goddess whose domain was flowers, Spring, and youth. This goddess was not of Greek origin, unlike many Roman gods, instead coming from the lore of the Italic Sabine folk.
  • Fortescue's name may have been inspired by Sir Adrian Fortescue, a courtier at the court of King Henry VIII, who was condemned for treason without a trial for hostility to Henry VIII's church policies. He was beheaded at the Tower of London in 1539. Her name also may have been inspired by Hugh Fortescue, 2nd Earl Fortescue, a statue of whom resides outside Exeter castle. The castle is the site of the last three trials and executions of suspected witchcraft in England, potentially explaining Flora's expert knowledge of such issues. However, her last name is more likely to have been influenced by John Fortescue, who wrote for the instruction of Prince Edward of Lancaster, Prince of Wales, in the time of the War of the Roses (15th century). Prince Edward died in battle at the age of 17. We know now that Flora Fortescue was intended to be the one to tell Lindsay about various points of history, and revealed that the Sword of Abomination existed and what it was.