The First Police Purge was the destruction of the entire Police Grand Army during the First NoHead War. The massacre occurred in 1994, during the First NoHead War. It was carried out by Mr. Stupid NoHead, whose actions left the Grand Army in ruin. Sheriff Bladepoint and the other police went into exile for years before they finally regained their crown after ten years.


During the First NoHead War, Mr. Crooked NoHead made use of his alliance with the Giants and werewolves. Government soldiers fought hard to maintain resistance during the Invasion of Manhattan, which was fronted by Giants that supported the NoHeads. Many lost their lives and entire tribes of Giants were wiped out until, finally, the beasts retreated and went into hiding.

After the Giants’ defeat, the tide of the war began to turn. Mr. Horrendous NoHead and his wife, Mrs. Disturbing NoHead, met their ends at the hands of police officers, now given permission by the government per an edict from the office of Katie Black to employ murder against bystanders if the situation called for it. Many townspeople also met their ends while bravely trying to face NoHeads, such as the father of Roxanne.

Mr. Odious NoHead, a young NoHead, became disenchanted with the NoHeads’ cause and attempted to destroy the Verasect, resulting in the NoHeads attempting to kill him over their hard-won prize and him Apparating to Suzie’s Island in Oceania.

Later on, Mr. Stupid NoHead realized the decision of war was obvious and told Mr. Crooked NoHead, his father, that he should go and massacre the police. Mr. Crooked NoHead authorized this action.

The destruction of the Police Grand ArmyEdit

Following this, Mr. Stupid NoHead went to the police station, where he proceeded to destroy all the police inside it, including Jean, who NoHead personally killed with his sword. The beginning of the massacre also put an end to the standoff between Ronald Noace and Commander Schmid and an unknown anti-police force. NoHead also realized that Bethany Donner's mother never showed up, though she was supposed to. While the Grand Army was being devastated, Bladepoint and Zett managed to survive the purge, escaping the inevitable along with a handful of others. Others, such as Ronald Koda and Kade Coleman, escaped unaccompanied by their fellow troops.

During the purge, Casey Tartus suffered a breakdown and fled in terror from the station, leaving his peers and his students to die. He escaped New York in a nondescript freighter with several robot prototypes in tow.


This pivotal event put an apparent end to the First NoHead War, though it would later continue in 2007. The surviving police went into hiding afterwards. However, the Grand Army spent that time training new members and Bladepoint kept the police up on their training. In time, the police returned to strength and efficient numbers. They remained hidden in the police station, waiting until the time was right to plot their next move. In 2006, they immediately launched a deep strike into the NoHead base, destroying it and revealing they were back.

The war would only last for three more years, before Paige and the police ambushed and massacred the NoHeads in 2013.[5]

In 2019, Mr. Stupid NoHead would finish the job through Operation: Purge. Sheriff Bladepoint survived this attack as well, though Zett would not survive this time.

Behind the scenesEdit

The destruction of the police was referenced in the 2018 book The X-Adults: Endgame: The Latest Threat. Although the event took place in the book's backstory, its aftermath was briefly seen in a vision seen by Alice in Before The SMSB: Where is the Darkness?.


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