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This individual was a tyrannical Makkan noble who lorded over Planet 12 in the early 20th century.



This alien lived in a Palace on Planet 12, for which he ruled. Noted for his cruel and tyrannical nature, he made life extremely difficult for the aliens, meting out harsh punishments for the smallest misdeeds. Men who dared to stand up to him were never seen again. When a Makkan named Bemb did not bow low enough, the Emperor made him a servant at his Palace. however, the Emperor saw the individual's potential and promoted him to the rank of guard.

In 1946, the Emperor was visited by Lily Clark, who had teleported to Planet 12 unintentionally and convinced Bemb to take her to him. Clark knew the Emperor had to be stopped lest he could help her return home. Upon entering the throne room, Lily was surrounded by armed guards. Realizing that one of the guards was pointing their weapon precariously towards the Emperor, Lily cleverly pulled out a feather and held it up behind him, pretending to put her arm around him affectionately. As she predicted, this caused the guard to sneeze. The sneeze made its hand to lurch forward, pushing the trigger and shooting the Emperor squarely in the heart.


The aliens were ecstatic at the end of their oppression, and held Lily in high regard for her feint. After testing Clark, they made her their holdout ruler. Lily settled on Planet 12, becoming the Empress of the planet. She chose to wear blue, floaty robes. Although Lily was not used to the unusual supply of technology, she soon found many uses for it. She spent most of her time secluded in the Palace.

Personality and traitsEdit

The Emperor was a cruel and tyrannical Makkan who cared nothing for his people and greatly oppressed them. Over time, he developed into a power-crazed megalomaniac.

Relationships Edit

Lily Clark Edit

Lily Clark

Lily Clark, a grave enemy.

The Emperor has been an enemy of Lily Clark ever since the latter learned about his tyrannical rule.