The Emergency NoHead Base was a station located in a giant crater in the Unknown Countries that served as a place for the NoHeads to flee to as a last resort. Commanded by an unofficial triumvirate of Hell Burnbottom, Rotta Hecks, and Annabeth Black, it had several comfort zones for the weary traveler. It is unknown what happened to it after the Battle of Transylvania.

Description Edit

Originally an enormous docking bay, the Emergency NoHead Base was heavily modified by the time it was utilized as an emergency hideout. Unlike a standard docking station, the station possessed large antennae protruding from both the top and bottom of the vessel. Internally, the station contained several chambers where a visitor could settle down, have a good meal, and clean up. This was done to comfort NoHeads who had barely made it there alive. At the entrance were private landing bays that possessed enough space to accommodate N-54 robotic fighters and Rogue-class sky cruisers.

The bay was hidden inside a giant crater.

History Edit

Second NoHead War Edit

What would become the Emergency NoHead Base was initially a docking bay. The ship served as both a command center for Hell Burnbottom and an emergency hideout for NoHeads. It was ten stories tall and was guarded by at least two anti-craft turrets.

At the conclusion of the Battle of the Wasp, Rotta Hecks returned to the Emergency NoHead base in her escape vessel, and was surprised to be forgiven by NoHead for her failure when she contacted him on hologram. He ordered her to complete the construction of a hidden base in Palmyra, New York. It is unknown if Hecks remained there afterwards, or if she returned to her home.

During Operation: Purge, the Fourth NoHead Base was placed under attack by the S.M.S.B. As a result Rotta Hecks told everyone to return to the Emergency NoHead Base. When the NoHead fleet emerged out of hyperspace at their destination, it was shown that many NoHeads traveled together, though rare cases such as Annabeth Black received their own ship. Inside, everyone was shocked to find several comfortable pleasures awaiting the tired travelers. After thirty minutes or so, Mr. Stupid NoHead called for them in the central chamber. He told them, via hologram, that it was safe to return to the NoHead Base.

Later history Edit

The Knights of Plague later established a secret storehouse in the Emergency NoHead Base, holding artifacts such as the remains of Naay’s body and his skyfighter, which would be later used in the N-K Project.

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