Script error Elizabeth was a teenager who participated in the Second Swordfighting Tournament.


At some point, Elizabeth found an enemy in both Stephanie and Percy. In the prelude of the Second Swordfighting Tournament, Red X sat with her, something she seemed very smug about. Finally, she bent over and spoke to Red X, appalling Stephanie, who was nearby.

In the tournament, Elizabeth was pitted against Emma. Both opponents grabbed their swords from the stage and stood face-to-face. Elizabeth tauntingly asked if Emma was scared, whilst calling her short, while Emma responded that her name was Emma, not "shorty."

With that, Emma attacked. Elizabeth took the blow and riposted, speeding up her timing, forcing Emma to retreat. Emma then twirled and blocked a slash, weaving a defensive pattern with her blade. As they fought, Elizabeth reflected that Emma was stronger than she had expected. She attacked harder, but Emma was ready, parrying the assault and using a vicious power attack that Elizabeth blocked. As the duel progressed, she realized that while she was still able to anticipate Emma's attacks and defend herself, she could find no openings in Emma's cautious assault. As such, all she could do was to simply block Emma's blows. Sensing this, Emma sped up her attack. Finally, Elizabeth let her guard down for one moment, and Emma struck her.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Elizabeth was mean and snobby, even insulting Emma before they began dueling. Despite her condescending nature, she was also intelligent.


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