Script error Eegan Grover (2011-2104), nicknamed “Little Muffin” by his mother and “Cutie” by Summer Petersen, was a baby born into royalty around the time of the School War and the offspring of Zira Miranda Grover, and cousin of George and Kelly Appo. During the First School War, he was secretly kidnapped by the Girl-Team, which was orchestrated by Emily Watson with help from Empress Zayran. The plot was meant to discredit the Boy-Team and scuttle negotiations between the Boy-Team and Zira, but the Boy-Team was able to rescue him. After acquiring the Map of Light, he was sought by the Team of Terror, led by the Organa brothers, as well as the resurgent NoHead force known as the Knights of Meyer. Grover gave the map to his grandson and was soon captured by the Dark Flame, who demanded to know where the map was. When Grover refused to comply, the Dark Flame killed him. Grover's sacrifice was not in vain; the map was given to Master Intelligence.


Early lifeEdit

Eegan Grover was born in 2011, to the well-known monarch Zira Miranda Grover of the United States of America. Unlike most babies, Eegan crawled for the first time when he was two months, but he was a late speaker. His mother Zira wanted him to directly experience the world.

During the First School War, he was secretly kidnapped by the Girl-Team, which was orchestrated by Emily Watson with help from Empress Zayran. The plot was meant to discredit the Boy-Team and scuttle negotiations between the Boy-Team and Zira, but the Boy-Team was able to rescue him.

Childhood Edit

A year later, when Nolan Coulson arrived at Zira’s Palace looking for his daughters, Eegan was also present with his mother. After the Baron’s arrival, Eegan started to play with a wasp and beat it to death on the edge of Zira’s robe, prompting Zira to tell Eegan to stop. The Baron appealed to Zira’s sense of motherhood, asking her to help him find his own missing daughters. Zira looked to her son, smiled, and relented, allowing Nolan to present evidence against the bounty hunter, and take the culprit with him afterward.

In 2016, when Eegan was five, Zira heard activities of the former Boy-Team Generals and sent Eegan away from her palace before Anakin Organa and Summer Petersen arrived. Zira did not survive the following battle. Afterwards, Zira’s mother produced Zira’s will, which claimed that she did not have any children to run her Empire, and therefore Kelly Appo was to inherit it. The courts later declared Zira’s “will” a forgery.

Adulthood Edit

Eventually, Eegan Grover was promoted to be the King, but Eegan declined, believing that the world had been without democracy for too long. Soon after, Eegan went into retirement in Palmyra, New York. There, he married and he and his wife gave birth to a child, though the boy's name is unknown. Eventually, Eegan's wife would die by unknown means. Sometime afterwards, their son grew up and left home. The boy became married to Belle Cress a few years later, and he and his gave birth to three children — Britney, Sue, and Jason, all of which proved to be exceptionally talented people. At some point prior to 2104, Master Intelligence entrusted him with the Map of Light, which Eegan promised he would guard with his life.

Death Edit

"He swung his sword through the old man. Eegan Grover never spoke again."
―Eegan dies[src]

The S.M.S.B., a mutant force led by Master Intelligence, and the Knights of Meyer, a resurgent NoHead force, both learned that Eegan had the Map of Light in his possession. Hoping that Eegan could help them defeat the Knights of Meyer, Sheriff Blaster sent Commander Luke Cameron, a police pilot and the son of Saul Cameron, to search for Eegan, a search that led him to Albany to recover the map. As such, Eegan gave the map to Jason, who was nearby, just before the Knights of Meyer arrived. Luke fled as the Dark Flame arrived with his forces and assaulted the city, during which Eegan was captured by troops and brought before the Dark Flame. The dark warrior demanded the map to the MBH while Eegan lamented what the young man had become. When Eegan did not comply, the Dark Flame killed him with his sword and ordered the destruction of the village. Thanks to his grandchildren, he map that Eegan gave his life to protect ultimately made its way back to the S.M.S.B.

Physical description Edit

Eegan Grover had fair skin, with dark brown eyes and a button nose. Eegan was also small, per what was expected of a baby, with 0.58 meters as his height. As an adult, however, he was taller. By the time that Sue Grover was born, Eegan stood at 1.85 meters and had white hair, blue eyes, and light skin. He often wore a home-spun wool coat, along with a berry-dyed linen tunic and survival belt. Around his neck he wore a locket holding a photo of him with his grandchildren, whom he loved very much.

Personality and traitsEdit

Born as a Prince to the wealthy Empress Zira Miranda Grover, Eegan appeared to often be pampered by his mother, which was shown when Eegan was on a pleasure cruise by himself with two skiff escorts. Eegan appeared to often be scared at some points, though had good reasons to be too. Even though Eegan was young, he was able to solve problems easily when others could not, as was shown when Summer and Steven could not solve the problem of being trapped by Helen, but Eegan could. Eegan also appeared to be very cheerful and easily amused, for example, when Steven had his solemn “we’re in trouble look”, Eegan and Summer were amused when Summer said that they couldn’t miss it.

As an adult, Eegan had a strong sense of himself and his morals. Even when offered being King, Eegan turned it down because he believed "the world has been without democracy for far too long." He knew knowledge and wisdom from across the world, including the hidden lore of the Boy-Team, who used to be secretive for their own safety. Eegan was also a believer in the ideals of the light side and a supporter of the S.M.S.B. He believed that the S.M.S.B. was essential to the balance of the light side and helped the Team of Terror find the vanished Master Intelligence, unable to stand idly by as despair and darkness grew in the world. Eegan traveled lightly in his later years and showed wisdom with the few artifacts he continued to carry from place to place. His most cherished artifact was the antiquated data storage unit in a plain leather sack that held the Map of Light, something he would sacrifice himself to protect.

Behind the scenes Edit

Eegan’s name was inspired by a close friend of D. Isaac Thomas who was twice the age of the character. His name was never actually mentioned in the novel; it was first revealed in the graphic novelization. His father was actually assassinated while Zira was pregnant, as revealed through a spinoff of the comic.


  • The name "Eegan", a name of Irish origin, is the Anglicized form of the Gaelic "Mac Aodhagain", "Mac" meaning "son of" and "Aodhagain", from Aodha, which is a patronymic from the personal name "Aodh" meaning "fire", originally the name of a pagan god.
  • "Grover" derives from a surname meaning "grove of trees" from Old English graf. A famous bearer was the American president Grover Cleveland (1837-1908), who popularized the name in the United States at the end of the 19th century.


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