"Four burly servants of the Earl appeared at her door shortly afterwards and dragged her and her son up to the castle."

These four burly servants were lackeys to the tyrannical Earl of Ren in the 15th century.



In 1464, when the Earl decided to hold a Jousting Tournament on his castle grounds and decreed it mandatory for all local villagers to attend, a young boy Edward fell from a tree and broke his leg. His mother put him to bed and sent word to the Earl that her son would not be able to attend the match. The Earl responded by sending his four burly henchmen to drag Edward and his mother to the castle. There, the Earl informed Edward's mother that as punishment for his mistake, Edward would be tied to a horse and forced to joust against him, as well as all the knights who had gathered to compete.

20th centuryEdit

In the 20th century, Alice mentioned them while telling Roxanne about Edward. She described them as "revolting" in her narrating.

Behind the ScenesEdit

In Alice's book, even though the narration specifies that there were four burly servants, only three can be seen in illustration.