"The village was overlooked by a castle owned by the Earl of Ren. The Earl was a tyrannical bully who made the lives of the villagers miserable."

The Earl of Ren (b. 1410) was a tyrannical Fobble noble who lorded over Edward's hometown in the late 15th century.



The Earl of Ren was born in 1410. He lived in a castle outside the village for which he ruled. Noted for his cruel and tyrannical nature, he made life extremely difficult for the villagers, meting out harsh punishments for the smallest misdeeds: children caught eating apples that had fallen from trees he owned received a beating, women who did not curtsy low enough when he walked by were forced to work as servants at his castle, and men who dared to stand up to him were never seen again.

Jousting TournamentEdit

In 1464, the Earl decided to hold a Jousting Tournament on his castle grounds, in which he himself would compete. Nobles from the surrounding area were invited to attend. The entire village was also ordered to show up to watch the Earl compete, whether they liked it or not, as no excuses for absences would be accepted.

One hour before the match was scheduled to start, Edward, a young boy who the Earl had instructed to hang banners and pennants, fell out of a tree and broke his leg. His mother put him to bed and sent word to the Earl that he would not be able to attend the match.

The Earl responded by sending four burly henchmen to drag Edward and his mother to the castle. There, the Earl informed Edward's mother that as punishment for his mistake, Edward would be tied to a horse and forced to joust against him, as well as all the knights who had gathered to compete. However, when the knights learned that the Earl expected them to compete against an injured boy, they left in disgust, refusing to partake in the tournament. The Earl, furious, thus announced that he would joust against Edward alone.

As the Earl charged toward Edward, a witch among the spectators, Anna Porter, cast a shield between them. Slamming into the barrier, the Earl was knocked backwards, his horse landing on top of him. At first, the crowd thought he was dead, but he survived.

Personality and traitsEdit

The Earl of Ren was known for his cruel and tyrannical nature. He would deal out harsh punishments for the smallest setbacks and considered empathy a weakness.