The Duel between Sheriff Bullseye and Dark mutant Lord Gorn took place in 1935, before Missile joined the police, and planted the seeds of the destruction of the Legions of Metta.

Prelude Edit

After the Battle of Huntsville, Lord Zapora joined the Legions of Metta and was rechristened with his said name. However, Zapora eventually defected for reasons unknown, and prepared to assassinate Lord Gorn.

The Duel Edit

Out of fear, Zapora procrastinated the confrontation. Eventually, the outcry became too vocal and Gorn's actions too horrible for Zapora to put off the confrontation any longer. He also bequeathed himself with the name of Officer Bullseye, as he planned to join the police. The resulting hour long battle, on 16 June, was one of the most well known duels in the world, and Bullseye's most famous moments, with Bullseye winning the duel and the Sword of Abomination's allegiance.

Aftermath Edit

Gorn was killed in the battle, leading to an incredible decrease of war. Officer Bullseye defected to the police, and eventually became Sheriff until his death. His victory in this battle would be published on his Holocard.

Appearances Edit

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