The teleportation device is one of the Arts, three highly powerful magical objects created by Merlin himself, and it ended up with Suzie, who rightfully owned it until her death in 2025. It can teleport through incredibly vast distances, and warp through time. According to legend, he who possesses these three artifacts would become the Master of Mutantry.

History Edit

Early History Edit

When Mr. Demonic NoHead went to find someone who posed a great threat to him, he time-warped into the future and pressured Suzie into joining him and the group of NoHeads that were with him. Suzie finally agreed to tag along, albeit nervously. They came upon a cliff defiled with an Anti-Mutantry Jinx, and so the villains used an Extendable Bridge. They got to the middle when Merlin’s apprentice appeared and spoke to them. Angered that they had outwitted him, the wizard offered each traveler a “prize” for beating him. He gave them three of the four Arts and warned them to use them with care. Suzie did not trust the wizard and requested the ability to leave without being followed by the wizard. Unwillingly and reluctantly, Merlin’s apprentice handed over the teleportation device, and they parted ways.

Mr. Demonic NoHead quickly murdered Yareal Taran, making Suzie very uncomfortable. Demonic then left Suzie in the house as he headed home, abandoning her now that the mission was over. Fortunately, Suzie could use the teleportation device to teleport to the front of the NoHead Base, where she spoke with Mr. Dire NoHead, who finally helped her back to her day, 2023.

Lily Clark's Possession Edit

At an unknown point in 1946, Lily Clark found the teleportation device, one of the three Arts, and was able to obtain it from Suzie, visiting her in the future. She did this by finding the device hidden where Suzie’s fortress would be built. She used it to teleport to Planet 12, where she encountered an Makkan guard named Bemb. The guard finally warmed up to her, and found himself willing to tell her how tyrannical the Emperor of their planet was. Realizing the Emperor had to be stopped, Lily was able to convince him to take her to the Palace, where she forced Rodena to shoot the ruler.

The aliens were ecstatic at the end of their oppression, and held Lily in high regard. Thousands of aliens that had been alerted to the Palace immediately bowed to her from outside, honoring her as the hero of Planet 12. Lily was then appointed as their holdout ruler by Charlien. After taking the throne, Lily chose to keep the teleportation device in tow.

The teleportation device remained within a hidden compartment of Lily Clark’s throne for several years. Finally, Lily realized the Art needed to be returned to Earth. After calling Makkalian, one of her guards, she opened a compartment in her throne, seizing the device. Lily then gave it to him and ordered him to teleport to Earth. Despite Makkalian’s protests, he Apparated to Earth when Lily threatened to execute him. Upon landing, his body exploded and the teleportation device landed nearby.

The Death of Elise Mentum Edit

Somehow, the Gladiator acquired the teleportation device. In 2019, a maid named Elise Mentum conducted an experiment to travel back in time for more than a few hours. To do this, she sneaked into the Gladiator’s private quarters while her Master was gone, and stole the teleportion device. With it, she went back in time. Unfortunately, she was trapped, for a period of five days, in the year 1419. When she was finally retrieved to the present, her body had aged five centuries, and, irreparably damaged, she died in NYC Hospital.

Suzie's Possession Edit

Eventually, Suzie became a successful weapons designer. Upon Elise Mentum’s death, the teleportation device was returned to Suzie, its rightful owner. After she deemed the Basketball prototype ready to fight her ex-idol, she sent for him. Roy accepted Suzie’s offer and soon found himself fighting against the allegedly defective Basketball 9000 on her island. As she watched with her sidekick, Mr. Reno Tutu, Roy succeeded in the task, surprising the vengeful villain.

She joined Roy at dinner that night, clad in an elegant red dress. The dinner was interrupted by the ghost of an angry policeman come to avenge his death. Suzie was prepared to make a quick escape, immediately drawing the teleportation device and Disapparating herself and Roy away from the danger. Suzie also showed great foresight and talent when she revealed the device and a small beaded purse on which she had packed several things. They arrived on a nearby island, where Suzie suggested they enter a café. However, minutes later the duo were tracked down by Jeremiah Soule and Bryce Yearsley. After a brief but violent skirmish, the reinforcements were subdued. At Roy’s suggestion the three then made their way safely to Suzie’s base through the teleportation device. Roy and Suzie stayed there for two days afterwards. Afterwards, Roy returned home and Suzie returned to her affairs. After Suzie’s death, Jeremiah Soule buried the teleportation device in the dirt.

Mission to Bast Castle Edit

In the month following the end of the Third NoHead War, Master Intelligence recovered the teleportation device after he found it in the dirt. He subsequently used it to teleport into Bast Castle, hoping to see if anyone was captured and being held there. He rescued the two that he found, George Thames and Evans, subsequently saving them from starvation.

Powers Edit

The teleportation device allows individuals to teleport from place to place on a whim. This appearance of Apparition is inconsistent between individuals and uses. It could also be explained that the style differs by distance. Short range and/or without needing to change locations immediately, the less intense form of the Light side is used. Long range and/or needing to change locations immediately, the more intense twisting into and out of nothingness, is then used.

Disapparition is portrayed as the subject(s) being twisted and swirled into nothing within a swirling clear haze, accompanied with a loud rustling or rushing sound, while usually ending in a crack, as if the subject(s)t is being sucked into a vortex. Apparition is portrayed in the same manner but in the reverse order, with the subject(s) twisting out of nothing with the same sound and crack. Inside the tube effect, the subjects are shown to be twisted, swirled and otherwise distorted. This version of teleportation not only is loud, but also sometimes manifests with a gust of wind and thunderous force around the spot the user was. The user can also time warp, as seen by Elise Mentum.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The appearance of Apparition is inconsistent between characters and uses. The way Appiration is portrayed through the teleportation device is most likely a stylistic choice made to better suit the visual medium the comic. In The Life and Legends: Lily Clark, Makkalian teleports in the Imperial Palace. There is a loud popping noise, and Makkalian seems to fade away like a rush of slow, glistening wind. However, Suzie apparates the same way as usual.

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