Fans have created a timeline of The Super Babies series from a single piece of information in Template:ROHB. Prior to fighting Hell Burnbottom in that book, Baby Intelligence checks his calendar, which is set for April of 2020. This timeline is reinforced in The Super Babies: Book IV: An Ended Generation when the graves of Zach and Bridgett Kellerman confirm that they were born in 1997 and 1999 and died on 6 December 2019, further reinforced in D.I.T. Website when the final of the S.M.S.B. Skyfighter Tournament is stated to have taken place in 2030, and further yet in The X-Adults: Endgame: The Latest Threat, in which the graves of Centauri's parents confirm that they died in 2063.

For the sake of convenience, this dating system will be used by The Super Babies Wikia for all The Super Babies articles.